Melinda Leslie: A MILAB Speaks

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May 5, 2013, 7:14:26 AM5/5/13
Melinda Leslie: A MILAB Speaks by Vicki Ecker
UFO Magazine: Can you tell us about your abduction experiences?
Melinda Leslie: What caused me to investigate military involvement in
abductions were the experiences I had with it myself. In 1990, working
with a hypnotherapist, I realized I had gone through several separate
alien abduction incidents periodically throughout my life, all typical
of the “standard” abduction experience. In July of 1991, I was with
two friends, and we were driving out to Lancaster, California. We had
been talking when some electrical equipment in the car, a flashlight
and radio, began malfunctioning. We then thought we had a UFO
sighting, and began arguing about what we had seen. We pulled off the
road a little while later and stopped at a 7-11. It was then we
realized that it was much later in the evening then we had thought. We
had experienced about two hours of missing time. We had a lot of
telltale signs suggesting an experience. Our behavior changed, we were
incredibly thirsty, easily agitated and quick to argue.
The three of us each had some conscious memory of the experience.
Also, we were each independently regressed. Something came up during
that time—that we were examined by aliens, and that military
personnel, one in particular, wearing what looked like a naval
uniform, was involved and seemed to be monitoring the procedure. All
three of us remembered seeing him. The therapist, who regressed each
of us independently, said that this seemed to be a major event for us,
seeing this person. It was so out of place, so startling. He wasn’t
another abductee, he was just there, watching.
In 1993, I thought I had been abducted from my home. Again, all the
standard signs pointed to this: I woke up earlier than usual,
I examined myself and found bruises on my body. With conscious memory
and a number of regressions, it seems that I was taken by both aliens
and military personnel, but mostly it was a military experience,
although I was brought back by aliens. How is this going to come out
in an interview and not sound completely crazy to someone reading it?
I really want to emphasize evidence. It was the evidence I found in
relationship to my own military abduction experiences that convinced
me that these experiences did, in fact, happen to me. There is an
abundance of evidence in the cases I’ve researched. To me, the
evidence for harassment, surveillance and re-abductions is the most
important part. If we are not talking about the evidence, then we are
just telling more experiencer stories, when we should be talking about
the evidence.
This whole military involvement scenario with the harassment of alien
abductees is such strong evidence in support of the reality of alien
abduction. If there is no such thing as alien abductions, then why is
all of this happening to people who have done nothing in their lives
to warrant this kind of interest by the military, other than that they
claim to have experienced an alien abduction? This suggests that there
must be something very important about abductions and abductees, why
all the time, energy, and money being spent?
UFO: What do you consider the best evidence for the military angle?
ML: As for evidence of military involvement, for example, one abductee
I know has nearly 600 photos of helicopter harassment she’s suffered.
These helicopters have forward looking infrared, ball cameras and
radar dishes on them, and are hovering over her home, illegally low.
There are physical signs like bruises and marks on the body after an
experience. There are witnesses to the harassment and surveillance and
witnesses to the re-abductions. There is also mail tampering, phone
interruptions, break-ins to people) homes, being followed and outright
direct confrontations. I, too, have had many of these.
UFO: The story and memories e you and other abductees have is one
thing, but when it comes to evidence, that’s what makes more people
stand up and take notice.
ML: I’ve tried to determine if what I went through is real. I have
memories of medical procedures done to me by the military,
gynecological in nature, as part of these experiences. I’ve found
pictures in safety equipment catalogs at a previous place of work that
matched equipment and uniforms I saw during my experience. My first
conscious memories of this experience, in fact, were not of aliens,
but of humans. I thought this was crazy. Was this something the aliens
wanted me to think? Yet I was seeing an environment that was
completely human. I saw one uniformed man involved, carrying a kind of
gun over his shoulder, which I later described and drew a picture of
for a friend who was involved in Special Forces. He told me never to
draw a picture of it again. He said I drew something that really
exists, that’s still classified.
I also remember seeing a clean room, HAZMAT (hazardous material)-type
of environment with plastic tenting material draping the room I was
in. Everything in the room was covered with this opaque material,
which had an orange-brown tint.
In 1998 I saw another catalog sitting on a coffee table at a home, had
an instantly negative reaction to the cover of it, and did a double-
take. It was a picture of some respirators and a guy with a clean suit
walking through a tented area covered with exactly the orange-brown
plastic material I saw in my experience five years before. This I’m
discovering all these years later and I’m going, “Oh, my God!” I had
never seen this orange-tinted draping before in any of the catalogs. I
called the catalog company and asked if they knew anything about this
kind of material and they did not; the photo had been provided to them
[but they had no records]. I researched and found out that the
material contained either an anti-static or anti-bacterial coating,
most likely. In the context of my “surgical” experience, the
antibacterial use made sense.
UFO: What kind of gynecological procedure did you undergo?
ML: I was speaking once to a MUFON group in Minnesota describing my
experiences, and someone from the audience came up to me afterward. He
was a surgeon, who offered to help me understand what I had gone
through. He asked some very specific questions, as if he was going
somewhere, but I didn’t know where. One question was, had I ever had
an abortion? I told him, no. He asked if I was certain. I told him, of
course I am! He then said that what I had described was a rarely used,
early-term abortion procedure. And there was no way that I could have
described the ~ procedure or its aftereffects accurately unless it had
been done to me. He was quite emphatic about that. I knew it had been
a traumatic experience, but this was a shock. Now, I’m just going by
what this doctor told me, though it’s all speculation. But I seemed to
have had something removed from me, a fetus, something, though I had
absolutely no knowledge of being pregnant.
UFO: Were these humans dressed like normal doctors? What do you think
they were doing?
ML: In a prep area or hallway outside the exam room, they were wearing
white lab coats, then they put on these clean room suits and took me
in. And in another military abduction where I was interrogated about
alien technology, I noticed those in the experience wearing a variety
of military uniforms. I researched in military uniform catalogs
afterward, and what I had seen turned out to be naval uniforms. One
was a very odd dress uniform that I thought could be army or marines,
or even international. That turned out to be a rare navy uniform used
by high-ranking officials.
Everyone in the examining room was dressed in white clean-room-type
suits with hoods and clear visors, the kind of suit that’s designed
for maintaining a sterile environment. The room and the equipment
inside were draped with the plastic I described. There was a heavy
mist in the room, which had a disinfectant smell to it. A couple of
the doctors/examiners wore a round black object hanging from the belts
around their clean suits, and I didn’t know what these were. But
again, later, from a catalog, I found out that these things were very
specialized vapor monitors. I had never seen anything like these, so
when I saw the photo of exactly the same thing with the description of
its use stating “for high humidity environments,” I was shocked. I was
looking at something I had no prior knowledge of, what I remembered
really existed!
UFO: Do you know where you were taken?
ML: In the experience with the medical procedures I was taken to a
hangar, down a hallway and down an elevator underground. In the
interrogation experience, I was taken into a hangar that was backed
into a hill, down a two lane roadway or tunnel, also to someplace
underground. I know these three ex-insiders who all confirmed this
second location. All three of them, independently, in separate
conversations years apart, when I described this specific location,
had the same reaction: they all called it China Lake Annex. According
to them, it’s a tunnel system at China Lake. Every time I described
it to these individuals, each has said, “Oh, I’ve been there.”
UFO: What do you think these military abductors want?
ML: I can tell you some things that always seem to come up in
experiences of those with military abductions, and the interrogations
that the abductees go through. One area that the military
interrogators always seem extremely interested in is the technology or
the propulsion devices used by UFOs. They want to know what the
abductee was shown by the aliens and what they were told; if they ever
had any hands-on experience like navigating the ship or flying it, had
anything described to them or were shown the system specifically.
Another thing that keeps coming up is whether abductees have
demonstrated psi ability, or specific remote-viewing ability; if
they’ve had the experience of navigating a ship, for instance, and if
they also realize there’s a strong paranormal component to what
they’re doing. Many abductees claim that when the aliens show them the
technology, they seem to have to remote-view, visualize where they’re
going, connect with it in an energy sense.
UFO: On a non-physical level?
ML: Yes. There’s a direct consciousness link to the interface with the
ship. Interestingly, research has come out in the past couple years to
support just that theory. The Roswell craft, for instance, indicates a
mental interface between the aliens and their ship. And certainly,
we’ve gotten that from Col. Corso’s book and Bill Birnes’ lectures.
With the abductees, of course, they’ve been able to interface
directly with the aliens, telepathically.
So along with the military’s interest in technology, there’s also a
direct interest in an abductee’s psi abilities, sometimes even testing
them. This comes up consistently in my research, too, in my interviews
with abductees. They all seem to share a psychic ability.
In a chance meeting, Ed Dames told me some information regarding a
group of people he was involved with, which led me into a two-year in-
depth investigation regarding some of these people. Of course, I
didn’t believe what Ed had told me at first and was extremely
suspicious of anything he said, that is, until I interviewed them. I
met with some of the individuals he mentioned and questioned them on
what he had told me. They would initially deny any knowledge only to
then turn around and admit their involvement.
The investigation led to the discovery that some of the main
characters who were involved early-on with the development of the
military’s psi and remote-viewing program were part of a Working Group
interested in UFO technology
Interestingly, Phil Corso was a member of this Working Group in its
earlier years, by his own admission to Bill Birnes. Early on,
according to Phil, they had questions about the alien technology;
specifically, the headpiece the aliens had on in the [Roswell] ship.
They wanted to know if this helped the aliens interface with the ship,
or just what it was for. Someone suggested that maybe the remote-
viewers would have some answers. Then Corso went to SRI, and that’s
how his involvement with remote-viewers came about.
UFO: What else did you find out about the purported Working Group?
ML: It was said by Corso and by others in the group that the purpose
of the Working Group was to plan and set policy on UFO issues, and
Corso even said, “it was to get us all to play ball together.” With
Corso’s involvement there is a link suggesting that these people and
groups became intertwined for the purpose of back-engineering the
crash debris and understanding this mental-interface component.
Some of the members of this group ended up taking leading positions in
military and/or aerospace research and development. And they just
happen to be the guys who started the psi program? It makes me wonder.
The existence of the Working Group was later confirmed to me by
various other sources. I talked to Bill Uhouse, who is known for his
claims of having worked on the flight simulators at Area 51, and he
told me that he had been approached and questioned by some of these
very same people. They were talking about some pretty strange stuff,
paranormal stuff. Their agenda, whatever it was, was pretty far out,
according to Bill. They left him a paper that he couldn’t understand,
regarding remote viewing and other paranormal things. They wanted to
know about the pilots’ training on flight simulators and their
reaction time, their abilities while in that environment, and their
ability to control the flight mechanisms.
Bill told me that some pilots had gone through a certain amount of
highly specialized and possibly paranormal training. He, himself, had
been in one of these simulators, and found it very disorienting. Bill
told me that the pilot’s reaction time far exceeded his own.
While I found no link to this Working Group and military abductions, I
do find it interesting that it appears they may be interested in the
same information that those who are interrogating the abductees are
interested in. Is this the current question in reverse engineering?
This would explain why there’s such a strong interest by the military
in the abductees. It fits with my own experiences, as well as with
most of the abductees I’ve spoken with. All the evidence for military
involvement is strong evidence for the reality of alien abduction. It
is because the alien experiences are real that the military is
interested in the abductees.

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On Tue, 7 May 2013 05:15:33 -0700 (PDT), "Sir Arthur C.B.E.
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>Many abductees claim that when the aliens show them the
>technology, they seem to have to remote-view, visualize where they�re
>going, connect with it in an energy sense.
>They all seem to share a psychic ability.

I surprises me that the Extraterrestrials in Dr. Roger Leir's book
UFO CRASH IN BRAZIL... I surprises me that they crashed
or were shot down by Humans.

Either other non-Humans helped shoot them down
and Humans retrieved the craft.

The Humans that shot them down didn't have any PSI ability
so those advanced Extraterrestrials could not foresee
or detect that they would be shot down.
(Remember Ingo Swann was caught looking at the moon)

They wanted to land and communicate
even if it involved being shot down.

I have Trillions of other reasons.
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