How to Deal with all UFO Alien ET M.I.B info // Universe = Garden !!!

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Sir Gilligan Horry

Mar 15, 2012, 2:23:45 AM3/15/12
How to Deal with all UFO Alien ET M.I.B info // Universe = Garden !!!

Getting into the truth about UFOs Aliens, ETs, M.I.B, etc
can be a worrying experience and drive some people to panic and worse.

But I deal with it all like this...

You Humans are a family in a House.

And the Universe is your Garden.

The Garden is vast and beautiful and wild and full of flowers and
weeds and creatures.

At the moment most of you Mothers and Fathers tell your Family that
there is nothing much in the Garden.

And Real M.I.B buzz up to some Mothers and Fathers and strictly
enforce that the Garden is nothing, so shut up.

But, some other Mothers and Fathers have stepped up on to the veranda
and have by chance met some Garden creatures.

If we are to survive as a Family...

...we are going to have to study and explore the Garden.

If we treat our Family in our House badly, and keep a dirty polluted
and tell our whole Family that the Garden is nothing...
we may not survive.

We need to study and listen to many other creatures in the Garden,
not just the buzzy black M.I.B.

Then we need to venture out into the Garden,
because some flowers and creatures in the huge Garden
might help save our-selves if the Family in the House stays hidden and
lost and polluted.

This is your Garden...

This is just one of the Weedy Creatures trying to stop you from seeing
the whole Garden...

There are billions of other creatures in the your Garden...

May Love and Wisdom Bless your House and Family and Garden !!!

- Sir Gilligan Horry. 2012.




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Sir Gilligan Horry

Mar 15, 2012, 6:24:55 PM3/15/12
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>How to Deal with all UFO Alien ET M.I.B info // Universe = Garden !!!

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