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Where were we... Oh yes, pointy tin foil hats...

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Rick Sobie

Jan 19, 2003, 4:27:18 AM1/19/03
Since when did the tin foil hats, become pointy?

Is that a designer thing?

The Keiser Willhelm line or something?

Perhaps its a play on hats, like Aluminati/Illuminati?

Perhaps its a copyright trademark issue preventing them from
merely coating a motorcycle helmet like the people I have
seen in downtown Vancouver.

That might be it. The helmet would not have been appropriate
for the film (Sightings) as it would have interfered with
the movie, and it didn't look rediculous enough without
the point.

I have this short video (poor quality) which has a point on top,
that buzzed this Brit, and at first glance it looks genuine.

However, I got to thinking, that if that was me, holding the
camera, I would have ducked out of reflexes since it was
also making a racket at the time.

Now the image is tiny, and the quality poor, so you really
can't be sure of anything, but why would it have this
metal thing on top, if it was genuine?

Likely it would burn up on entry into the atmosphere.

Also, the sound, although it sounds very authentic, seems
to have a slight echo, as if it were recorded in-doors.
This may be due to the compression which can change the
sound quality and reverb etc could have been an artifact
left on the vid. It may also merely be my player or its

My total impression of it is, that is either genuine and
poorly transferred to electronic media, or merely a bit
of Hollywood, miniature set and the top piece sticking
up, was a convenient way, to attach the wires.

The lighting as well, is somewhat strange, as the trees
are lit, but not illuminated as you would expect.

Also the size seems somewhat disproportional. At first glance
it appears to be about 20 feet, but when compared to the
house it flies over, it is much larger.

Just my opinion.

Check it out if you wish at...


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