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Dec 29, 2010, 12:18:57 PM12/29/10
brian whatcott <bet...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Ellen H. Robinson will SUCK and FUCK you!

Onze afternoon, i wasz catchin a snooze in my backyard on a sunny day. much to my surprize, i lifted my hat and found my neighborz Ellen H. Robinson unzipping my pants. she gestured to me with herz indexes finger over herz slender lips to be quiet. I say figures okay, she then unzipped my pants and reached in and tuggzed on my big black mamba! Imediatelzly, my blacks a mamba becomes engorged with hot burstz of human excitementz. With a big tugz with both of herz handz, Ellen H. Robinson pluckz me black mamba to a full erctionz! she then opened herz mouthz and slipsz it over my full manhoodz. she gagz and coughz a bit but begins her suckin action upz and downz! she repeatedlyz goez faster and faster untilz i feelz my venemouz black mamba release a massive explozion into herz mouth. At first, she triyz to swallow it allz but my venomouz fluidz keepz jaculating in herz mouthz. Then, she pullz herz head awayz with herz handz still clenched on my black mamba. she coughz and gagz a
minute over the concretes but then placez herz lips back on myz black mamba. Once aginz, she jerks it hard withz both handz. Again, I'z begin to release a strong venemouz fluid at a fullz flow into herz small mouth. Myz black mamba squirmz in herz handz as i release all of my venemous fluid from myz snake into herz mouthz. i'z kannotz waitz til my neighbor Ellen H. Robinson sneaks back over to my house for somz afternoonz delight. Next timz, me thinks i shall let my black mamba go hogwildz in herz anuz. if she suckz me this good next time, i shall let myz snake ezcape in herz cunt andz give her zome my brotherly love. Myz black mamba has neverz felt so good after Ellen H. Robinson wrapped herz lipz around the big headz on meez mamba!

Bruce R. Robinson
Ellen H. Robinson
60 Paako Drive
Sandia Park, NM 87047
brobinson (at) utilipoint.com

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