You Have A Right To Abort For 3+ Months Or 14 Weeks.

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Intelligent Party

Oct 16, 2021, 11:06:14 PMOct 16
It doesn't matter what Texas says and there isn't anything living in there.

Some lying ignorants made it 6 weeks, but it was never supposed to be six months,
and it never has been. It's been 4.6 months. There's no way that there's any
ghost in the fetus, in the first 14 weeks. That is three months, plus one week.

No one's dying. It's not infanticide. You didn't come out of a zygote. It's
immoral to get pregnant when you don't want it. You're not pregnant yet.


The Pope once said the sun revolved around the world. Unplanned childbirth is the
scourge of nations.

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