We Need Neo-Socialism! - Neo-Socialist Libertarianism, Is *Far* Superior To Marxist Or Libertarian Economics

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Sep 4, 2021, 3:40:11 PMSep 4
We Need Neo-Socialism

By socialism I don't mean an ideology, but things like parks and public tracks,
and schools and health insurance, and transportation, and water and power, and,
free abortions (there is no ghost in the first 3-4 months - the religious right
can't believe their own person came out of a zygote, if they believes there is
life after death, and life before life), and a minimum wage of 65% per capita GDP,
and free cash for consumables, of half the minimum wage for the adults, and 25%
the minimum wage, for children (while they are still supported by their parents),
and SANITATION, give me a fucking break how do we not have sanitation of dumpsters
and porta-potties, and possibly hot showers for the homeless, and 100% loan to
value, conforming home loans, so everyone can buy a house and we get rid of
renting (just present income documented, not two years documented), and again let
me mention EDUCATION, at least ALL community college free, and second two years at
at least a four year, state school free, and then federal funds rate, for all
student loans past that.

Nepotism - favoritism to one's relatives - isn't fair, isn't equal opportunity,
isn't justice, and everyone should be acquitted until the system is fixed, you
even have sympathy for the upset, poor unemployed student massacrists.

Neo-Socialist Libertarianism Is Far Superior To Marxist Or Libertarian Economics

Both Marxists, and Libertarian, Economists are crackpots. That is why there is no
libertarian party, even though individual freedom is 100% right. Neo-Socialism,
(Neo means New), of a sort, is a necessity, and has merit, as does regulation of
commerce (which is in the Constitution, while tyranny/prohibition is not), and
there are no real Libertarian Economists at Universities, because Libertarian
Economics, is shit (it could only work if everyone had equal consumption). (As to
Marxism, all big business started small, and 50% of the U.S. economy is small
businesses - so how could the government, own the means of production).

With socialism we're united, which helps people to make something out of
something, in an otherwise unfair world, where nepotism on the other hand, -
favoritism to one's relatives, makes unequal opportunity, and therefore economic
injustice, in the first place.

We're NOT united without socialism,
With socialism we ARE united,
Without socialism we're not united.

We need Neo-Socialism of the sort identified above here.

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