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Oct 12, 2021, 7:43:59 AMOct 12
A mask and a faceshield, for all unvaccinated, or untested, should stop the issue:

Biden should be clear, that if you are 100% work from home, you do not have to
worry about being vaccinated or tested.

The notion, that you are essential workers, for instance retail checkout, and are
neither masked anymore, nor vaccinated, nor tested, is ridiculous.

At least one of these three must remain mandatory, and if there is resistance to
vaccination and tests, perhaps moving to both mask and faceshield together, or
even N-95 - N-99 - N-100 mask and faceshield together, should solve the problem.

That said, the vaccine isn't actually going to work, unless everyone is
vaccinated, or sufficiently protected from one another. The measles, mumps
vaccine herd immunity only works, because all school children are vaccinated
right? The mumps vaccine is only 88% effective, so if there was mumps out there
among unvaccinated, it would also be spreading to vaccinated people.

But um... the schoolchildren today? They are not vaccinated nor tested, and Biden
thinks his shit is going to do anything at all?

If the government focused on protecting human rights, while making it about
regulation of commerce, it wouldn't face so much resistance to its notions. But
now it wants to say you have to get a vaccine, or a test to engage in commerce at
all, which is quite a bit more onerous.

Employment and housing are capital issues. Stealing people's jobs was never the
right notion. If "you have to get a vaccine, or we kill you," isn't right; it's

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