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Say Ukraine Will Only Be In Military Alliance With Euro Powers, And Say Ukraine Will Be In EU, And In Free Association With Russia

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Intelligent Party

Jul 23, 2023, 4:16:29 AM7/23/23
Say Ukraine will only be in military alliance only with Euro powers, and not with
countries across the ocean. And say Ukraine will be in EU, and in free
association with Russia.

It's likely Russians saying to have NATO in Ukraine, the resist and fight Russia,
because this allows Russia to fight Ukraine and annex it.

You don't win a war through defense alone. Ukraine is not far away from Russia
like Afghanistan, or Vietnam to the United States. It's like if the U.S. were
fighting Mexico, and Russia was going to stop the U.S. from annexing Baja. Russia
will just take more and more of Ukraine over time. The only other possibility is
if Russia were to implode. That is, to overthrow through civil war, and is this
really going to happen?

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