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May 13, 2019, 4:12:22 AM5/13/19
Beautiful & Spotless Skin - Melasma Hits & Missess
Melasma is chronic & is prevalent across the globe. Commonly affecting women, Melasma can mimic other pigmentary disorders of the face. Accurate diagnosis is critical for effective treatment.
If you don’t diagnose & treat it correctly, you can make it worse.”
Characterized by gray-brown patches on the face, typically covers the center of the forehead, over the eyebrow, the bridge of the nose, chin, upper lip & stops at the jaw line. Its borders are curved.
It can be psychologically debilitating, affecting a person’s social and recreational quality of life and self-esteem.
Oral contraceptives (primarily estrogen), pregnancy (often fading postpartum) & hormones are common causes of Melasma. UV & even the light from cell phones and computer screens — can trigger it.
It’s not melasma if …
 It appears on the lateral forehead.
 It covers the eyelids.
 It appears on the tip of the nose or at the nasal openings.
 It has a straight, symmetrical border.
 It appears on the ear and ear lobe.
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