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Oct 16, 2022, 10:53:51 PM10/16/22
On 10/16/2022 5:41 PM, Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn wrote:
> whodat wrote:
>> On 10/15/2022 12:54 PM, Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn wrote:
>>> whodat wrote:
>>>> On 10/14/2022 8:35 PM, Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn wrote:
>>>>> Apparently I have not been clear enough.
>>>> Stick to your trade.
>>> Apparently you have missed the part where I said that I am
>>> a computer scientist and software developer, too.
>> Yes, so you have no actual qualifications, let alone interest,
>> to participate in a relativity newsgroup.
> LOL.
> 1. People can be, and actually are, interested in subjects outside of
> their *profession* or previous education, and I am by far not the only
> person here to whom that applies.
> You should not project your ignorance onto everybody else. It does not
> make you look good.
> 2. Look up the meaning of “too”, illiterate.
>>> You should work on that attention span problem of yours.
>> Says the fellow who doesn't even realize where he is.
> I do realize where I am. That does not mean that, when the opportunity
> presents itself to be of value regarding other topics, in particular my
> (past) field of expertise, I should not take it.
> And it is not up to you to define, decide or dictate which subjects can or
> cannot be discussed here. So shut up your big eating hole and be of use
> regarding the subjects on-topic here yourself just ONE time. *Then* you
> have might have a right to lecture others about it.
>> This is a physics newsgroup.
> You don’t say…
>> Do you know the underlying principles of relativity let alone physics in
>> general?
> Yes, as I think I have demonstrated a sufficient number of times in the past
> SEVEN YEARS before you crawled up from under your rock. Again your
> attention span problem is showing. Or is it actually an attention-SEEKING
> problem, troll?
>> You've indicated an interest in astrophysics, a specific subdiscipline.
>> Take care to note the nuance that follows.
> See, again you are merely embarrassing yourself by demonstrating to the
> whole world that you don’t have the shadow of a trace of a clue what you
> are babbling about.
> I am NOW studying for a BSc in Astrophysics, which is my/a shorthand for
> saying that I am studying for a BSc in Physics with minor in Astronomy (my
> other minor is Mathematics, which is mandatory when studying Physics at my
> university).
>> "Astrophysics is a branch of space science that applies the laws of
>> physics and chemistry to seek to understand the universe and our place
>> in it."
> LOL. Overconfidence obviously comes in very small packages.
>> Show us how and where you've made any postings relevant to that
>> discipline.
> “Us” :-D
> Just FOAD, will you?

Thanks for placing all the rest of your claptrap into context so nicely,
this clearly shows the peasant mindset that created all these misapplied
attempts to insult.

Your alleged studies, as stated, do not lead to "physics with a minor in
astronomy" (that's your definition, no one else has that sort of take on
the astrophysics discipline) negating any number of your claims. I won't
use the descriptive that best suits you, reverting only to use charlatan
as one alternative appropriate term.

Of course, what else could we expect from someone who is incapable of
understanding the difference between reality and the pipe dreams he
constantly posts about. While you're there, say hello to your friends
and close associates Alice and the Mad Hatter.

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