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Clint Heiney

Jan 20, 2011, 1:12:27 PM1/20/11
to alphagrip
I have an interest to buy the alphagrip for use at work and/or home.
The general idea just makes since to me, but I am curious to the
learning curve.

I noticed by browsing through the posts that production has been
delayed on "new" units...I guess this can happen for small companies.
So according to the website April is the next batch?

Are any older models available anywhere? Do they pop up on ebay
anytime? I may be interested in a used one....but if others are
available I would go that route. Any comments welcome.

-intrigued supporter
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Weiyi Lou

Jan 24, 2011, 5:47:12 PM1/24/11
to alphagrip
I am also interested in getting one second hand, as I have been
watching the new ones get delayed for quite a while now. It's quite
frustrating : ( Unfortunately there aren't any on eBay as far as I've
Anyone has an unwanted/unused one in Australia, or is willing to post
to here?


Jan 25, 2011, 10:42:46 AM1/25/11
to alph...@googlegroups.com
I could sell mine- it is unmodified and lightly used. Seemed like a fine device, I just never put the time into learning how to "play" it- it felt like picking up a new instrument.

We're in the USA so shipping will probably be a little expensive. Looks like roughly US$20 to Australia. And how much are Alphagrips going for? One that was missing a trackball sold for $31 on eBay, and the one I'm selling is complete and in good working order! Send me a private email and make an offer if you're interested in purchasing.
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