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Mar 17, 2006, 3:14:25 PM3/17/06
to alphagrip
Hey guys,

I've noticed that the vast majority of those who frequent this board
are computer coders and programmers and have many applications to
consider when using their Grip.

I'm not one of them.

While my enthusiasm for innovative tech is no less fervent, I have to
admit that by comparison I'm merely a casual user. Having said that,
however, I think it is fair to say that I am clacking away at my desk
more than most; I'm a college student majoring in Philosophy. What
that translates to for me is having to write an essay or paper pretty
much every day.

So let me just say:

In this capacity, where my main concern is being prolific at word
processing while being able to relax and not burn out, this product is
perfect. I just pumped out an analysis on epistemology with impressive
speed and fluidity after about two weeks' use. Perhaps because of the
very straightforward and limited nature of the applications
(web-browsing, e-mail, chatting, word processing) I use my grip for, I
am able to avoid any re-mapping of keys whatsoever. I'm quite
satisfied with the current configuration; any annonances that I've run
into were mostly the result of not having acclimated to the new
paradigm. The learning curve is indeed the biggest hurdle, but already
I'm finding that my perseverence is producing tremendous dividends.

Thanks to the guy that discussed the importance of muscle memory. I
myself can testify to this fact. I spent my first week in a typing
frenzy and did in fact benefit from doing so (approx. 16 WPM after a
week), but since then I've discovered that the best way to learn is to
conduct business as usual. My progress is now slow yet steady, and
definitely worth the investment.

Also of note is this: the trackball, for me, is exceptional after
employing the suggested mouse tweaks. I wouldn't change a thing about
it. My only beef had been the absence of a scroll wheel, but once it
was pointed out to me that I could achieve the same effect by pushing
the left red shift button in tandem with the right mouse-click and
trackball, my productivity took off.

I've now been 100% QWERTY-free for about five days now, and I see no
reason to go back, barring a few exceptions.

All in all, my grip serves all of my needs as a college undergrad. I
can write papers, chat, e-mail, and web-browse with relative ease. If
this is about the extent of your own computional needs, then I highly
recommend it.

Thanks, Mike Willner and Co., for a brilliant product. You've put a
lot of time and development into the AG-5 since its original
conception, and it shows. Granted, for more versatile and diversified
users, the grip has areas in which it could improve, but my hunch is
that you initially designed the device for an audience whose demands
are more akin to my own.

You've suceeded.


Mike Willner

Mar 17, 2006, 3:26:14 PM3/17/06
That is wonderful news!!
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