Roller Ball Trouble

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Jan 7, 2012, 5:30:26 PM1/7/12
to alphagrip
Hi, I just got an Alpha Grip for by birthday on the 3rd of January,
and it seems that my roller ball has stopped functioning effectively.
When I move the ball, my cursor barely moves across the screen, and if
it does, it moves erratically. I really adore the Alpha Grip concept
and I'd really like to get to use it at it's full potential. Is there
something that I need to do in order to clean it, or do I need to
somehow send it back for a replacement? I don't have proof of when I
bought it, because again, it was a gift(which took a lot of convincing
to get in the first place). It was bought recently, though, no later
then November, if that(and it hasn't been opened or used until the
third of january), and It has an optical roller ball.

Mike Willner

Jan 7, 2012, 7:14:44 PM1/7/12
Here's a link to the section on our FAQ page that describes how to clean your trackball: If cleaning it doesn't solve the problem, please contact and we'll go to Defcon 4.

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