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Anthony D'Isidoro

Jan 21, 2021, 7:41:38 AM1/21/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro


The comment period for the Draft A-B Mobility Plan has been extended to February 15, 2021 

Allston-Brighton Mobility Study | Boston Planning & Development Agency ( 


Allston Brighton Health Collaborative Transportation Committee Meeting 

Thursday, January 21, 2021, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm


The Transportation Committee of the Allston Brighton Health Collaborative (ABHC) is composed of community residents and organizations who recognize that transportation is a strong indicator and essential component of community health. We advocate to improve equity, access, and safety of all mobility modes in Allston and Brighton. Since 2016, this committee has worked closely with residents and stakeholders to address barriers to safe, reliable and accessible mobility and has become a leading neighborhood-wide voice on multi-modal transportation interests.



1. Quick updates (Green Line Extension, I-90, Bond Bill) (5 min)
2. Jay Flynn with TransitMatters talks In-Motion Charging buses in AB (20 min)
3. Marah Holland with MAPC talks Parking Benefits Districts (20 min)
4. With the AB Mobility Study comment period pushed to mid-February, we've got time to coordinate a response. What do we like, what is concerning, what's our message strategy with fellow advocacy orgs? 

For meeting details, please contact Anna Leslie ( 

Reimagine Boston Main Streets

Anthony D'Isidoro

Mar 17, 2021, 2:31:55 PM3/17/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Allston Brighton Health Collaborative Transportation Committee Meeting 

Thursday, March 18, 2021, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm


The Transportation Committee of the Allston Brighton Health Collaborative (ABHC) is composed of community residents and organizations who recognize that transportation is a strong indicator and essential component of community health. We advocate to improve equity, access, and safety of all mobility modes in Allston and Brighton. Since 2016, this committee has worked closely with residents and stakeholders to address barriers to safe, reliable and accessible mobility and has become a leading neighborhood-wide voice on multi-modal transportation interests.


For meeting details, please contact Anna Leslie ( 

Zoning Advisory Board of Appeal Hearing        

Inspectional Services Department        

Thursday, March 18, 2021        


The March 18, 2021, hearing will be held virtually via video teleconference and telephone via the webex event platform.            

Interested persons can participate in the hearing REMOTELY by going to our online meeting link or by calling 1-617-315-0704 and entering access code 129 533 0009.            

If you wish to offer testimony on an appeal, please sign up online. Please provide your name, address, the address and/or BOA number of the appeal on which you wish to speak, and if you wish to speak in support of or opposition to the project.  

Hearings: 5:00 pm

Case: BOA-1065297 Address: 16 Dustin Street Ward: 22 Applicant: Alex Norman 

Article: Article 51, Section 9 Floor Area Ratio Excessive 

Purpose: Amendment to ALT399170. Built out basement according to submitted floor plan.     

Email: Stephani...@Boston.Gov 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 13, 2021, 7:56:15 AM4/13/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Allston Brighton Health Collaborative Transportation Committee Meeting 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 13, 2021, 7:59:37 AM4/13/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Western Avenue Corridor Study Public Meeting 

Boston Planning & Development Agency 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

Please join members of the Western Avenue Corridor Study and Rezoning team virtually as we answer transportation-related questions and present our preliminary recommendations for multimodal improvements to Western Avenue. 

For more information about the Western Ave Corridor Study please visit 

Register at 

Toll free call in number: (833) 568 - 8864
Meeting ID:
 161 169 7095 

Email Contact: Gerald...@Boston.Gov 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 13, 2021, 9:57:04 AM4/13/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 13, 2021, 4:07:56 PM4/13/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro
Boston Public Improvement Commission Meeting 

Thursday, April 15, 2021 @ 10:00 am 

To encourage social distancing, all project teams and most Commission members will be participating in this hearing from remote locations.


Those members of the public that are unable or choose not to participate remotely should report to City Hall room 801 at the time of the hearing. 

All project team members who intend to join their project's presentation, as well as any City staff representatives or members of the public who wish to remotely offer testimony, should complete the short (four question) online request form. 

Public Hearing

PH 9. On a petition by Allbright Realty LLC for the making of Specific Repairs within the following public ways in Brighton, consisting of curb realignment, sidewalk and roadway reconstruction, as well as new and relocated pedestrian ramps, specialty pavement, street lights, street trees, planters, landscaping, irrigation infrastructure, stormwater drainage infrastructure, bike racks, driveway curb cuts, and the removal of an existing median island:
● Lincoln Street – at address no. 525, generally between Cambridge Street and Royal Street; 
● Cambridge Street – on its northwesterly side southwest of Lincoln Street. (NB 3/25/2021) 
As shown on a set of plans entitled “City of Boston Public Works Department, Engineering Division, Specific Repairs Plan, 525 Lincoln Street, Cambridge Street, Allston,” 3 sheets dated March 24, 2021.

Room 801, Boston City Hall 

Email Contact: Todd....@Boston.Gov 


Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board Meeting     

Thursday, April 15, 2021 @ 3:30 pm 


A virtual public meeting.  


The meeting will be televised on Boston City TV (Xfinity Channel 24, RCN Channel 13, and Verizon Fios Channel 962) and livestreamed on   



5 Request authorization to adopt a map and text amendment to Article 51, Allston-Brighton Neighborhood District and “Map7B/7D, Allston-Brighton Neighborhood District,” of the series of maps entitled "Zoning Districts City of Boston" dated August 15, 1962, as amended, to create a new “CC-4” sub-district within the Western Avenue/Soldiers Field Road Community Commercial Subdistrict and to establish certain dimensional regulations for Planned Development Areas within the CC-4 subdistrict.


14 Request authorization to execute a fourth amendment to the Allston-Brighton Mobility Study contract with Kittelson & Associates, Inc. to extend the term of the contract.

Email Contact: Tammy....@Boston.Gov 

Board of Appeal Hearing       

Inspectional Services Department        

Thursday, April 15, 2021        


The April 15, 2021, hearing will be held virtually via video teleconference and telephone via the webex event platform.            

Interested persons can participate in the hearing REMOTELY by going to our online meeting or by calling 1-617-315-0704 and entering access code 129 533 0009.            

If you wish to offer testimony on an appeal, please sign up online. Please provide your name, address, the address and/or BOA number of the appeal on which you wish to speak, and if you wish to speak in support of or opposition to the project.  

Hearings: 5:00 pm

Case: BOA- 1141289 Address: 11 Bagnal Street Ward: 22 Applicant: David McNair 
Article: Article 51, Section 9 Floor Area Ratio Excessive Max. allowed: 0.6 Existing:0.6 Proposed: 0.68 
Purpose: Extension of living space to basement to existing single family dwelling. Renovate basement, add egress window and Bathroom. 

Re-Discussion: 5:00 pm

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 14, 2021, 6:50:26 AM4/14/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Good Morning Everyone, 

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide the backup detail for a couple of local items on the agenda for this week’s BPDA Board of Directors meeting.

I know there has been a great deal of conversation in the community. 


“14 Request authorization to execute a fourth amendment to the Allston-Brighton Mobility Study contract with Kittelson & Associates, Inc. to extend the term of the contract. 


“Since February 15, staff has been reviewing and considering all public comments to the plan based upon suggestions received.  Reviewing all the comments and incorporating changes to the plan is expected to be complete by the end of April, 2021, which will enable staff to present the Final A-B Mobility Plan to the Board in May2021. In case there are any unforeseen delays, staff if requesting authorization to extend the consultant contract to the end of June, 2021. The recommendation would involve no funding increase. 


“5 Request authorization to adopt a map and text amendment to Article 51, Allston-Brighton Neighborhood District and “Map7B/7D, Allston-Brighton Neighborhood District,” of the series of maps entitled "Zoning Districts City of Boston" dated August 15, 1962, as amended, to create a new “CC-4” sub-district within the Western Avenue/Soldiers Field Road Community Commercial Subdistrict and to establish certain dimensional regulations for Planned Development Areas within the CC-4 subdistrict. 


The proposed map amendment will change the zoning for the parcels listed below to Western Avenue/Soldier’s Field Road Community Commercial Subdistrict (CC-4) and make the entire area so designated Planned Development Area eligible. The CC-4 zoning designation would be applied to the following parcels which make up the NEXUS project site as well as the bank building at the corner of Western Ave and Everett St:


North of Western Avenue (currently CC-1) 

2200558001: Everett St 

2200558000: 293-305 Western Ave 

South of Western Avenue (current zoning varies) 


2200994000: 300-296 Western Ave 

2200996000: 292 Western Ave 

2200997000: 280 Western Ave 

2200998000: Western Ave 

2201006000: 260 Western Ave 

2201005000: 270 Western Ave 

2201007000: 252 Western Ave 

2201008000: 250-248 Western Ave 

2201010000: Western Ave 

3-F 4000: 

2201009000: Western Ave 

2201007001: 254R Western Ave 

2201011000: Riverdale St 

2201007002: 256 Western Ave 

2201012000: 17-23 Riverdale St 

2201034000: Westford St 

The existing CC-1 zoning does not support either housing or research laboratories as allowed uses and has a max FAR (Floor Area Ratio) of 1.75. 

The existing 3F-4000 zoning does not support research laboratories and has a max FAR of 0.8 


The new subdistrict (CC-4) would be created to reflect the need for a higher maximum FAR of 3.5, to have housing and research laboratories as allowed uses and make the entire area so designated Planned Development Area eligible. 

The current CC-1 zoning is already designated Planned Development Area eligible.     


The proposed text amendment would add the following line to the Planned Development Areas Maximum Floor Area Ratios Table: 

Area: Western Avenue/Soldiers Field Road Community Commercial Subdistrict (CC-4); Maximum FAR: 3.5 


If the map and text amendment are approved, it would go before the Boston Zoning Commission for final approval which would then allow the proponents of the NEXUS project to file a Planned Development Area Development Plan. 


The Zoning Board of Appeal has no jurisdiction over Planned Development Areas. 



P.S Floor area ratio: a figure which expresses the total gross floor area as a multiple of the area of the lot. This figure is determined by dividing the gross floor area of all buildings on a lot by the area of that lot. 

P.S. Please feel free to distribute to members of Impact Advisory Groups for projects located in the Western Ave Corridor Study Area.

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 14, 2021, 7:50:41 AM4/14/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

76 Ashford Street Public Meeting 

Boston Planning & Development Agency 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

The Proposed Project will consist of a sixteen-story building comprising approximately 220,895 square feet. The proposed structure will contain two hundred and fifty-four residential rental units and sixty-three parking spaces. The building will also include a concierge, a large lobby, a bike room, and various amenity spaces. 

The BPDA is hosting a virtual Public Meeting for the 76 Ashford Street project. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Project Notification Form (PNF) filing for the project. The meeting will include a presentation followed by Q&A and comments from the general public. 

This meeting will be hosted online, using Zoom. You must register using this link, then you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting. If you're calling in by phone, you'll need to download the Zoom application to see the presentation. 

Register in advance for this webinar: 

Toll free call in number: 833.568.8864
Meeting ID:
 160 279 3129 

Email Contact: Michael....@Boston.Gov 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 14, 2021, 8:01:05 PM4/14/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

West End House Camp 

294 Road Between the Ponds 

Parsonsfield, ME 04047 

Spring Tours! 

New and prospective campers and their families are cordially invited to tour our beautiful camp! We will be leading several tours in April, whether or not the snow has all melted! This may be the best opportunity for parents who have not yet been to West End House Camp to see it fully! 

Saturday, April 17th @ 11am or 2pm 

Sunday, April 18th @ 11am or 2pm 

Monday, April 19th @ 11am 

Come see our amazing gym, our spacious bunks, the dining hall, the breathtaking waterfront, the Margolin Center - where rockets, catapults, slime and more are made, and the many fields and courts. You will say: "It looks great on the website, but it is even nicer in person!" 

Contact Ryan Wilensky ( to reserve a slot as soon as possible. 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 14, 2021, 8:25:39 PM4/14/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

West End House Girls Camp (WEHGC) is an overnight summer camp for girls ages 7-15, located in Southern Maine on the shores of Long Pond. The WEHGC experience is intentionally small, progressively multi-cultural, and 100% camper-focused.  

‘I AM’ is what defines the West End House Girls Camp: I AM Strong, I AM Courageous, I AM Intelligent, I AM ME. Send your girl to a place where they will be encouraged to be their best-self, gain lifelong friendships, and return home saying, “Camp was awesome! Can I go back next year?”  #Summer2021! 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 15, 2021, 8:42:20 AM4/15/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

The Allston Brighton Health Collaborative, Councilor Breadon, and the City of Boston are hosting a Covid-19 vaccine clinic this weekend to administer 1,000 doses to community members April 17 and 18 in Allston. 

**Anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Allston-Brighton is eligible.**

Location and time details upon registration.

Follow this link to register:

All appointments are for the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine.

The vaccine is free.

No ID or insurance required.

Spanish, Portuguese, and Cantonese interpretation provided on-site.

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 15, 2021, 9:20:12 AM4/15/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

AB’s Mayflower Medicinals seeks retail cannabis sales (Justin Roshak, The Bulletin: April 15, 2021) 

Allston’s Mayflower Medicinals cannabis dispensary seeks to become a retail location for adult use this year. The change would allow Mayflower to sell to adults over the age of 21 in addition to its existing medical patients. 

“There’s no work to be done. It’s just a change in use,” said Mike Ross, attorney for the applicant and former Boston City Councilor. “There is no external change to the store. “

We will sell these individually rolled cannabis cigarettes,” said Ross, who specified customers would not be permitted to smoke in or near the store.

 “It is illegal to smoke publicly in Massachusetts,” he said. “If we see anyone light up, anyone near us, any of our customers, that’s it: they won’t be welcome back in our facility.” 

The process of transitioning to retail will take at least eight months, according to Ross. The company expects to open for adult use in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

“We appreciate that Allston was one of the first communities to allow this to happen, and we were among the first stores to open in the state as a result,” Ross said. 

Customers will be required to prove their age before entering the facility with two forms of government-issued photo ID. All products will be sold in opaque packages. 

Mayflower employs a professional security company which installed and monitors its alarm, panic, and video surveillance systems. Trained, uniformed security guards will be present at the facility at all hours of operation. Products will be stored in a locked, surveilled vault

Parent company iAnthus Capital owns and operates a cultivation and production facility in Holliston. The firm’s Worcester dispensary has already converted to adult use. The company plans to build a new location in Lowell, construction to commence this year. 

Two thirds of Mayflower’s Allston employees are Boston residents. 

“We seek to ensure that this figure always exceeds 50 percent,” said John Henderson, founder of iAnthus, who stressed his company’s focus on upward mobility: 

“The whole to hire people from Boston, train them in a fellowship for the industry, and get them in this industry,” Henderson said.

Henderson also said the company’s Holliston location had voted to unionize. And while he said, “We fully support our employees’ right to choose,” he added, “It is not an active conversation in Allston at this time.” 

The company runs an artist spotlight featuring a local artist on a different strain label each month through the end of 2021. They may renew the project for 2022. There are no Allston themed varieties of cannabis in the pipeline at this time. 

Allston Mayflower will offer customers the opportunity to round their purchases to the next dollar and donate the proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit dedicated to cannabis justice reform, said Janine Ratliff, director of retail. 

Ratliff also said the Allston site was operating at 40 percent volume capacity, with an average transaction size of $125. With retail sales, she expects to double the volume, but expects the average purchase to fall a bit, based on experience at the Worcester location. 

No members of the public spoke against the project at Monday’s meeting. Anthony D’Isidoro, president of the Allston Civic Association, thanked the firm for organizing community meetings. 

Mayflower goes before the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals on April 27 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 15, 2021, 9:48:51 AM4/15/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Mass. Action for PILOTs Town Hall 

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, PILOT Action Group, Boston Ujima Project 

Thursday, April 15, 2021, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

Massachusetts nonprofit hospitals, educational institutions and museums do not pay local property taxes. These institutions rely on police and fire protection, garbage collection and other essential city services. Some communities collect various payments from the larger institutions yet nowhere are all communities fairly compensated for services provided.  

State Representatives Erika Uyterhoeven and Maria Robinson have filed legislation this year to ensure that local communities receive their fair share.
Join this virtual town hall meeting. Learn how your community is impacted, what the legislation can do and what you can do to make sure that large nonprofit institutions are accountable to
 their local communities. 

Find Tickets 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 16, 2021, 12:06:08 AM4/16/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Boston Landing life science development site trades for $67 million, bought by Lendlease and Ivanhoé Cambridge partnership (Boston Real Estate Times: March 17, 2021) 


BOSTON – JLL Capital Markets announced that it has closed the $67 million sale of 60 Guest Street, a land parcel fully approved for a state-of-the-art life science development in the Boston Landing campus in Allston/Brighton, Massachusetts. 

JLL represented the seller, NB Development Group, LLC, and procured the buyer, a partnership of Lendlease and Ivanhoé Cambridge. 

“This project is further evidence of the strength of our integrated platform and end-to-end capabilities,” said Lendlease Americas CEO Denis Hickey. “60 Guest Street demonstrates our global strategic focus on delivering a diverse and robust pipeline of development projects alongside best-in-class capital partners like Ivanhoé Cambridge.” 

“On behalf of the sponsor and seller of Boston Landing, we are excited to welcome the Lendlease and Ivanhoé Cambridge venture,” said Jim Halliday, President of NB Development Group. “We look forward to their 60 Guest Street project bringing Boston Landing nearer to full completion and their added presence and activation to the unique health and wellness attributes within this district.” 

“60 Guest will be a spectacular mixed-use, transit-oriented development strategically located within the Allston/Brighton neighborhood, with close proximity to Cambridge’s Kendall Square, the epicenter of the life science market in Greater Boston and across North America,” said Jonathan Pearce, Executive Vice President, Leasing and Development for Ivanhoé Cambridge. “This new life science building will offer exceptional and ultramodern amenities to cater to the robust demand for specialized life science and research facilities in the Boston area.” 

The 50,036-square-foot site is approved for up to 320,000 gross-square-feet of office and lab uses, reaching 165 feet in height and featuring average floorplates of 40,000 square feet. The proposed nine-story structure on the site will incorporate state-of-the-art office/lab space with a robust amenity program featuring a multi-purpose ground-floor and outdoor spaces at key locations throughout the building. 

Boston Landing is one of the city’s newest and most dynamic neighborhoods that is considered by many to also be Boston’s premier wellness hub. Anchored by New Balance, highlights of the neighborhood include the Boston Bruins practice facility at Warrior Ice Arena, The Auerbach Center, the Boston Celtics practice facility and the soon-to-be home of The Track at New Balance, a world-class indoor hydraulic track, field and entertainment venue. Boston Landing boasts a transit-oriented location adjacent to the Massachusetts Turnpike as well as the MBTA Boston Landing station providing convenient access as the gateway to Boston from the western suburbs as well as Fenway, Back Bay and South Station downtown. 

The JLL Capital Markets team representing the seller was led by Senior Managing Director Coleman Benedict and Senior Director Kerry Hawkins. 

According to JLL’s Q4 2020 Greater Boston Lab Outlook, tenant demand surged past 4.5 million to end the year, a record for the Boston market. The majority of the 2020 life science deliveries were 94% leased and 81% of space anticipated to deliver in 2021 is spoken for, limiting tenant optionality in the near term. 

“60 Guest Street will satiate a portion of the pent-up demand when it delivers in 2024,” Hawkins stated. “Boston continuously ranks as the top life science market in the nation being home to 19 of the 20 largest biotech and pharmaceutical companies by market cap as well as boasting more than 50 local universities and multiple world class research hospitals that support the thriving industry.” 

JLL Capital Markets is a full-service global provider of capital solutions for real estate investors and occupiers. The firm’s in-depth local market and global investor knowledge delivers the best-in-class solutions for clients — whether investment sales advisory, debt placement, equity placement or a recapitalization. The firm has more than 3,700 Capital Markets specialists worldwide with offices in nearly 50 countries. 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 16, 2021, 9:19:37 AM4/16/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

National Development sells 226 Harvard to Asana Partners for $11.9 million - Newmark brokers the sale of the 27,930 s/f mixed-use property (nerej: April 9, 2021) 

Allston, MA Newmark completed the $11.9 million sale of 226 Harvard Ave., an urban mixed-use asset. Newmark co-head of U.S. capital markets Robert Griffin, vice chairman Geoffrey Millerd, executive managing director Frank Nelson, managing directors Michael Greeley and Jonathan Martin and director Paul Penman, in cooperation with managing director Mathew Adler and associate Christopher Huesgen, of the firm’s Boston and Mid-Atlantic Capital Markets Groups represented the seller, National Development, and procured the buyer, Asana Partners. Newmark financial analyst Coley Cannon provided financial analysis support. 

Comprising 27,930 s/f of retail and medical office space, 226 Harvard Ave. is 94% leased to three tenants including Urban Outfitters, Steward Medical Group and Unleashed by Petco. 

“226 Harvard Avenue benefits from prominent positioning along Allston’s primary retail corridor, adjacent to Brookline’s Coolidge Corner and moments from the world-renowned universities, hospitals and institutions that call Boston home,” said Penman. “Constructed in 2009 and featuring 24 on-site parking spaces, the asset represents a rare acquisition opportunity in a land-constrained market with high barriers to entry, restrictive permitting and extremely limited parking supply.” 

226 Harvard is located within a two-minute walk of the MBTA Green Line’s Harvard Ave. station, one mile from the Steward-affiliated St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and close to Boston University. 


Davis named co-president of The Davis Companies (nerej: April 9, 2021) 

Boston, MA According to The Davis Companies (TDC), Stephen Davis has assumed the role of company co-president, working alongside Richard McCready. McCready, who has served as the company’s president since 2014, will continue to share responsibility for overall management of the company as co-president. 

In this new role, Davis will assume primary oversight of the company’s investment, development, investor relations and marketing activities. McCready will continue to oversee asset management, accounting and finance, property management, legal and human resources. Both will continue as members of TDC’s investment and executive committees. 

Prior to his current role, Davis served as a managing director in The Davis Companies’ development group, overseeing all aspects of many of the company’s ground-up development and adaptive re-use projects. He first joined TDC in 2009 as an associate counsel in the firm’s legal department. 

“Stephen and Rick have been working closely together over the past couple of years, in preparation for this planned restructuring of the role. They have a very productive and collaborative relationship – a working dynamic which has yielded meaningful benefits for the company,” said Jonathan Davis, TDC’s CEO. “I feel very fortunate that we are in a position to take this important step in our long-planned succession process. I believe it will enhance our ability to create value for our investors and lay the foundation for the eventual evolution of my own role within the company to Executive Chairman.” 

McCready said, “The Davis Companies has grown significantly since I joined as president. This new partnership between Stephen and me will further strengthen our company and help us to continue to grow into the future. I am thrilled to be working with Stephen at this important juncture and very enthusiastic for what lies ahead for our company.” 

“In spite of the many challenges which confronted our entire industry in 2020, our firm is entering this new year and new chapter in an extremely strong position,” said Davis. “Not only did we successfully close our Fund IV with more than $125 million above our fundraising target in this past year, but we also had early success in the allocation of a significant amount of that capital and in minimizing the pandemic’s impact on our existing portfolio. This success is a testament to the extremely talented team we have in place across the entire organization. It is a profound honor to work with these dedicated colleagues. I look forward to continuing to work with all of them, and to my continued collaboration with Rick, as our firm pursues the many opportunities which the future holds for us.” 


Callahan Construction Managers begins construction on 5 Washington - developed by Washington Square Ventures with Stantec serving as the architect (nerej: February 26, 2021) 

Brighton, MA Callahan Construction Managers (Callahan) has begun construction on 5 Washington St. The project is being developed by Washington Square Ventures (WSV) with Stantec serving as the architect. 

The development will occupy a 43,500 s/f parcel of land that sits on the border of Boston and the town of Brookline. The property is two city blocks away from Boston’s Green Line rapid transit system and next to a Whole Foods Market. Quickly becoming a live-work-play destination, the city and the Washington Sq. neighborhood are now home to numerous local restaurants and lifestyle amenities. 

Three separate structures were demolished on the site, a gas station, an auto repair shop, and office space and the new 131,500 s/f, five-story building with a basement will be constructed in their place. 

This mixed-use building will host apartment and retail parking totaling 127 spaces, 12,500 s/f of retail on the ground floor, and 108 residential apartments on floors two through five with 18 units being designated for affordable housing. Building amenities will include a fitness area, clubhouse lounge, entertaining kitchen, expansive workshare, and home office space. A large outdoor terrace will also be included and will feature two quartz-topped bars, semi-private cabanas, gas grills and fireplaces. 

 “Callahan is proud to be a part of this dynamic project,” said Patrick Callahan, president at Callahan. “This development will contribute to the growth of the Washington Square/Corey Hill neighborhood and give residents an urban living experience just minutes from downtown Boston.” 

“My partner Matt Faris and I are pleased to see our permitting and design efforts come to fruition at 5 Washington”, said Justin Krebs, co-managing partner at Washington Sq. Ventures.  

“We appreciate our collaboration with the community and BPDA to redevelop a long-blighted gas service station and vacant office building into a forward-thinking mixed-use development, including new apartments and a CVS, adding to the affordable housing stock while enhancing retail amenities for our tenants and the neighborhood.” 

“Stantec is excited to see this project happen after several years of active community engagement and design review by the City of Boston,” said Mark Soltysiak, senior associate at Stantec. “The building will fit proudly into the neighborhood and will add a small pocket park for all residents and neighbors alike to enjoy.” 


Shinrock named exec. VP of Mount Vernon (nerej: February 26, 2021) 

Boston, MA Eric Shinrock, who has served as vice president of development and senior project manager for the Mount Vernon Company has been promoted to executive vice president of the firm. 

According to Bruce Percelay, chairman of the Mount Vernon Company, “Eric has guided the company through the development of several complex projects as well as a range of new acquisitions and has demonstrated a strategic vision that will help guide us in the years to come.”  

A native of Washington D.C. and a graduate of Boston College, Shinrock has served as project manager for a series of high-profile developments by MVC over the past five years. 

Since Shinrock has joined the firm, the company’s portfolio has grown nearly 50%. Shinrock will be in charge of new acquisitions for the company on a going forward basis along with Percelay and will be directing the company’s efforts in both New England and new markets.


The Mount Vernon Company was established 30 years ago and has emerged as one of the leading multifamily landlords in the New England area. The company owns a wide range of high-quality apartment buildings and hotels and has major industry awards for the quality of its properties. 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 17, 2021, 9:48:20 PM4/17/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Allston Brighton Capital Projects (Fiscal Years 2022-2026) 



Library branch improvements consistent with the BPL's Compass Principles and based on the completed programming study which calls for improved accessibility, interior renovations and refurbishment, as well as, a building addition. 

STATUS: In Construction 

TOTAL BUDGET: $14,000,000.00 

LOCATION: Faneuil Branch Library 

DEPARTMENT: Boston Public Library 



Replace boiler at the Lyon School and roofs at the McKinley K-12 and Curley K-8 Schools, in conjunction with the MSBA Accelerated Repair Program. 

STATUS: In Construction 

TOTAL BUDGET: $7,450,607.00 

LOCATION:ARP 2019: Roofs and Boilers at 3 Schools 

DEPARTMENT: Boston Public Schools 



Partial implementation of the master plan including ball field renovations and pathway improvements. 

STATUS: In Design 

TOTAL BUDGET: $1,760,000.00 

LOCATION: McKinney Playground 

DEPARTMENT: Parks and Recreation Department 



Install new windows on the second floor. 

STATUS: In Construction 

TOTAL BUDGET: $360,000.00 

LOCATION: District D-14 Station 

DEPARTMENT: Police Departmen 



TYPE: Small Scale Safety Project 

STATUS: Construction 



Upgrade bathrooms at various schools, including fixtures, flooring, partitions, lighting, and paint. 

STATUS: In Construction 

TOTAL BUDGET: $10,000,000.00 


DEPARTMENT: Boston Public Schools 



Renovate locker rooms. 

STATUS: In Design 

TOTAL BUDGET: $2,800,000.00 

LOCATION: Brighton High School Locker Rooms 

DEPARTMENT: Boston Public Schools 



Design of recommendations from the master plan. 

STATUS: New Project 

TOTAL BUDGET: $250,000.00 

LOCATION: Ringer Playground 

DEPARTMENT: Parks and Recreation Department 



Develop comprehensive park master plan that will guide future capital investments. 

STATUS: Study Underway 

TOTAL BUDGET: $75,000.00 

LOCATION: Ringer Park Master Plan 

DEPARTMENT: Parks and Recreation Department 



Infrastructure improvements associated with relocation to accommodate specialized programmatic needs for students with hearing impairments. 

STATUS: To Be Scheduled 

TOTAL BUDGET: $1,000,000.00 

LOCATION: Horace Mann School Relocation 

DEPARTMENT: Boston Public Schools 

Neighborhood Safety 2021 

TYPE: Small Scale Safety Project 

STATUS: Design 



Design for a comprehensive park renovation including drainage, play lot, courts, passive areas, pathways, landscaping, site furnishings and infrastructure. 

STATUS: To Be Scheduled 

TOTAL BUDGET: $300,000.00 

LOCATION: Penniman Road Play Area 

DEPARTMENT: Parks and Recreation Department 



Additional park improvements including the ball field area based on the master plan. 

STATUS: In Design 

TOTAL BUDGET: $5,480,000.00 

LOCATION: Smith Playground Phase 2 

DEPARTMENT: Parks and Recreation Department 



Building and envelope repairs at Engine 29, 32, 37, 53, and 56. 

STATUS: In Construction 

TOTAL BUDGET: $5,610,000.00 

LOCATION: Building Envelope Repairs at Various Stations 

DEPARTMENT: Fire Department 


TYPE: Small Scale Safety Project 

STATUS: Design 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 18, 2021, 9:54:51 PM4/18/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

James F. Collins Hero Square & Park
Fern St, Franklin St, Holton St, Allston 

James Finbar Collins United States Army 12 October 1925 – 23 May 1945 James Finbar Collins was born to Bridget and James Collins on October 12, 1925 in Allston. James attended Boston College High School, graduating in 1943. He showed is love for our country when he enlisted in the United States Army on January 11, 1944. Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.) Collins proudly served with the 72nd Squadron 5th Group until he was killed in action over the China Seas on May 23, 1945. S/Sgt. Collins was awarded the Air Medal for the heroism and devotion he showed in his service to our country. James was survived by his parents, residents of Allston. 


Paul Creighton

Apr 19, 2021, 3:50:46 PM4/19/21

It seems a shame that the memory  of the ultimate sacrifice made for all of us  by a 20 year old Allston young man is being diminished.

Numbers of Allstonians spent countless hours over many years "hanging" within a shadow's distance of this space.

This space is not a park and was never intended to be a park.

Granted many of us have a different point of reference when conceptualizing this small green space memorial ; we were children and family of the people that served their country in that world wide war. Consequently, we were imbued with and by the sensibilities and virtual omnipresent effects of that war especially the human loss of loved ones.

In light of that reality, we never intruded on that space, and,  these were often our teenage years.

Is it really necessary to diminish the reverence embodied in that tiny plot of grass located a short walk to the six plus million dollar improved Smith Park.


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Eva Webster

Apr 19, 2021, 4:54:30 PM4/19/21
to AllstonBrighton2006
Paul, are you saying that out of respect for the fallen soldier you would prefer just a nicely landscaped area (perhaps with an amazing specimen tree in the middle, for example) and a tasteful, bronze plaque in his memory?  And with no fencing?

I have to say that taking the fence off would make that triangle appear larger, and the entire public space around it would look less cluttered.  That green area is so small that the 4-5 ft tall metal fence around it right now looks ridiculous, and makes it harder to maintain any plantings (since you only have access from one side, on the inside – hard to prune).

A tall, proud evergreen tree (a fir or spruce) that could be decorated with lights during holidays, and some decorative plantings around the perimeter of the space, would make it a wonderful landmark, in my opinion.

But if there is real demand for a pocket park, I’m not going to argue against it.  Maybe that 20-year old soldier would have no problem with it.

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 20, 2021, 10:32:34 AM4/20/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Community Meeting for Proposed Cannabis Establishment 

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 @6:00 pm 

Join the Online Meeting 

Event password: 6G4dGbC4ZWu 

Dial-in Number: +1-408-418-9388 

Access Code: 129 197 3385 

Hosted online per the Cannabis Control Commission April 27, 2020, administrative order. 

Notice is hereby given than a Community Meeting for a Proposed Cannabis Establishment is scheduled for: 

Application Name: Pure Oasis LLC  

Application Address: 535 Washington Street. Brighton MA 

License Type: Retail Recreational Use 

Proposal: This is an application by Pure Oasis LLC for a Retail Recreational License to be operated at the address of 535 Washington Street - the scheduled date for the meeting will be Tuesday, April 20, at 6 p.m. ONLINE via Webex Meeting Forum. 

Email Contact: Conor....@Boston.Gov 

Paul Creighton

Apr 20, 2021, 12:14:03 PM4/20/21

You always have your thinking cap on and working it.

No fence around the Collins space on Fern St. would be fine except I would worry about care maintenance and the two legged and four legged miscreants that might not show understanding of the solemnity due at this small triangle of grass.

Representations in honor of those that gave their last full measure for the Ideals of our country should engender neverending gratitude.  This place should be imbued with ambience that memorializes the valor of young Collins. 

I am not sure what the airman Collins would think; It is more important what we think his life,death and contribution on our behalf means to us and future Allstonian Americans.


Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 21, 2021, 7:09:01 AM4/21/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro
For meeting details RSVP to 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 21, 2021, 7:13:42 AM4/21/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Allston Civic Association April Monthly Meetings        

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm   

Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm  

Register in advance for the April 21, 2021 meeting: 

Register in advance for the April 28, 2021 meeting: 

Meeting agendas posted at: 

Anthony D’Isidoro, President  

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 21, 2021, 3:06:13 PM4/21/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro


Postcards from Allston’ photographer captures a changing neighborhood and its residents (Diti Kohli, Boston Globe: April 16, 2021) 

‘Postcards from Allston’ photographer captures a changing neighborhood and its residents - The Boston Globe

This "Postcards from Allston" image features a man walking by an Allston construction site.EDWARD BOCHES

For documentary photographer Edward Boches, the Allston neighborhood is “like a magnet.” He loves the signs and murals, which he has captured in high definition over the last year. The barber shops. The tattoo parlors. Even the houses, record stores, and skate parks. 

“There is something about Allston,” he said in a phone interview. “It’s one of the most authentic communities in Boston.” 

His images celebrate the beloved locale beyond Fenway, brimming with musicians, artists, chefs, and bartenders. Some of the photos highlight businesses like Roxy’s Grilled CheeseFlint Cleaners, and Fruity tea shop. Or they reveal the scourge of gentrification with shots of orange traffic cones and construction sites. Others zoom in on people — working, walking, and living. 

These stills can now be found in an exhibit and online project dubbed “Postcards from Allston.” 

“I always think: What can my work do for other people?” asked Boches, who lives near the Brookline-Allston border. “In Allston, I was documenting ... a changing neighborhood that I am concerned about. People are being driven out, but the community is still alive.” 

Twenty-five of his photographs can be seen in the windows of a vacant storefront at 122 Brighton Ave., where they will remain on view until at least August. There, Boches’s shots of bridges and graffiti mask all the boxes left behind by college students when campuses abruptly closed last spring. 

Edward Boches outside the 122 Brighton Ave. exhibitEDWARD BOCHES

Alex Cornacchini, executive director of Allston Village Main Streets, said the display brings life back to the address. The volunteer organization helped fund the exhibit and connect Boches with residents and city officials for the project. 

“Because of the pandemic, there’s been a lot of closures,” Cornacchini said. “The vacant storefronts have been a blight on our neighborhood. This adds a dose of vibrancy.” 

Postcards created from Boches’s images are also available in packs of 10 at Artful Edge, a frame shop on Harvard Avenue. And an online version of the exhibition features portraits of residents, activists, and government representatives. Beneath the portraits, Boches includes quotes from his subjects on what Allston means to them. Find it at 

“It’s a platform to recognize, celebrate, and amplify the voices of people who care about this place,” Boches said. 

In the quotes, Allston personalities herald the creative community, music scene, and restaurants. At least a dozen touch on the neighborhood’s affordability and diversity. Many reiterate the need to prevent those who first invested in Allston from being pushed out by development and rising rents. 

A quote from Jill Rosati, executive director of Arts District Boston, puts it best: “I want to keep Allston weird.” 

A construction site in the neighborhood documented in "Postcards from Allston"EDWARD BOCHES

Boches even added imaginary postcards to the online portion of his project, suggesting that “many artists, musicians, and influencers have found their true inspiration during a visit to Allston,” according to a summary. There are fake postcards from Prince, Pablo Picasso, Banksy, and Santa Claus. “Layover in Allston,” St. Nick allegedly wrote to his crew in the North Pole. “Suggest you consider putting a candy cane division in touch with these guys for a possible partnership.” 

Boches, a former Boston University professor, worked with Main Streets to plan a temporary sidewalk expansion of his “Postcards” exhibit along Brighton Avenue for Saturday. He hopes to create a separate physical exhibit for the portraits in the future. 

For now, he is satisfied with his work, a true representation of a neighborhood that has his heart. “This is art with a social purpose,” Boches said. “It’s not just pretty landscapes. It’s documenting something — the story of these people and this place.” 

An imaginary postcard from Banksy, sent from AllstonEDWARD BOCHES


Apr 21, 2021, 4:29:07 PM4/21/21
What a great article celebrating the great work of Edward Boches and the community of Allston. 

By the way, I saw this 12 minute YouTube video of Alex Cornacchini, Executive Director of Allston Village Main Streets, and documentary photographer Edward Boches talking with BNN about "Postcards from Allston". Check it out if you have time 

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Paula Alexander

Apr 21, 2021, 5:37:58 PM4/21/21
Hello neighbors,

As I recall a few years ago, this site was awarded funds by the Harvard-Allston Flex Fund to pay for a landscape designer to redo the small park.  I cannot remember what non-profit group received the grant money, but I don't know if any redesigns were ever approved and accomplished.  Some residents tried to get volunteers to clean it up and maintain the site, but it's hard to find the personpower to do it.
I'll ask Mark Handley if he can shed some light on this.  I support veterans who served our country so valiantly and would like to see  the small park well designed and maintained.


From: <> on behalf of Paul Creighton <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 12:13 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: [AB2006] Friends of Collins Park Seeks Ideas

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 22, 2021, 6:50:23 AM4/22/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Allston Construction Mitigation Subcommittee Meeting     

Ed Kotomori (Chair)  

Thursday, April 22, 2021 @ 6:00 pm  

The Boston Transportation Department (BTD) will be attending to discuss Cambridge Street improvements (primarily the intersection of Windom St and Cambridge St 02134).   

We will hear from Harvard about current construction plans and any other issues of interest to the community.  

All are welcome to attend and contribute.     

Please register to receive the Zoom links  

Email Contact: Priscilla Anderson ( 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 22, 2021, 2:16:36 PM4/22/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Western Ave. Corridor study focuses on transportation (Jeff Sullivan, The Bulletin: April 22, 2021) 

The most recent meeting of the Western Avenue Corridor Study took place on April 13 and looked at how transportation would be impacted by different types of zoning changes that the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) could soon implement in the neighborhood.

The study revolves around rezoning the area of Western Avenue, with the Charles River being the cutoff point north and the Mass. Pike being the cutoff area to the south. The idea is to leverage rezoning to help increase open space, fund public realm improvements, retain building dimensions and character, and to increase traffic flow in the ofttimes clogged streets. 

Kittelson Associates Transportation Associate Planner Cono Semler and Senior Planner Meredyth Sanders said the focus on transportation will consider what kind of zoning leads to what kind of trips being generated. Do condos produce bus riders? Are town house residents more likely to bike? Are three-family domiciles more likely to generate more vehicle trips? That kind of thing. 

“We looked at the impacts of transportation through a number of different lenses,” Semler said. 

Semler said residential uses and commercial uses – combined with proposed densities and quantity of land proposed for each use – were the first statistics they looked at. 

“Changes in those variables can affect the amount of traffic, the different types of trips generated and the different times of day they take place,” he said. “The third lens is the location; where these developments will be built affects how many trips from the buildings onto the local streets and other parts of the region.” 

Semler said new street construction, planned developments and BPDA-approved developments were all taken into account as if they were currently existing when he and Sanders did their analysis. He said they focused on development and zoning impacts on intersections, since slowdowns at intersections are mostly felt by drivers, bus riders and cyclists. He said they tested several different land-use scenarios and estimated the traffic impact. 

“There were some scenarios that proved to be concerning,” he said. “The volume of traffic we anticipate at that level of density will create high levels of delay at certain intersections.” 

He said “high levels of delay” translates to anything over 80 seconds of delay at any one intersection. 

Semler said they are also looking at the physical state of the infrastructure and development in the area, including changing how specific inter[1]sections are timed and how their lanes are structured. He added they are also looking at how to increase multi-modal transportation for cyclists through street infrastructure and parking requirements in new development (fewer spaces for cars in a given development means a higher likelihood of residents biking or taking the T). 

BPDA Project Manager Gerald Autler said the BPDA is looking at short-term improvements it can make with city partners, local residents and long-time businesses. He said they’ve reached out to 19 businesses and organizations for this purpose, including Charlesview, the Speedway HQ, Big Daddy’s Pavement and others. 

“This is still only a preliminary concept so we would like to hear everybody’s feedback,” he said. 

He said the highest priorities for transportation from the BPDA’s community outreach proved to be buffered/ protected bike lanes, bus lanes and bike lanes (unprotected) – followed by planting zones, on-street parking, bus/bike lanes, street furnishing zones and cafe seating zones.

Autler pointed out that the city only has direct control over the infrastructure and would not be able to affect MBTA policies. He said right now they’re looking at implementing several short-term impairments that could be completed within the next two years and last for another five to 15 years. He said those include strategic bus improvements that would consolidate stops, make stops more accessible, allow the bus to skip the line at signals and the implementation of transit signal priority (lengthening green lights or shortening red lights to give buses more time to make it through an intersection). He added they would also look at implementing more bike lanes and improving or creating crosswalks for pedestrians. 

For more information on this study and to look at the whole presentation, go to Western Avenue Corridor Study and Rezoning | Boston Planning & Development Agency (

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 23, 2021, 6:12:23 AM4/23/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 23, 2021, 6:52:43 AM4/23/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Click for a list of local pharmacies that provide prescription drug disposal and sell Narcan


Click for the FDA’s protocol for at-home drug disposal 

Click for additional prescription drug take-back kiosks in Boston 

Questions? Contact


Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 24, 2021, 10:49:37 AM4/24/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

A new book to dig into — and a fresh look at Boston’s oldest buildings (James Sullivan, Boston Globe: April 22, 2021) 

City archeologist Joe Bagley documents the antiquated Top 50, from Dorchester’s Blake House, built in 1661, to Charlestown’s Salem Turnpike Hotel, built around 1794. 

A new book to dig into — and a fresh look at Boston’s oldest buildings - The Boston Globe

A new book highlights Boston's oldest buildings, including the George Middleton House at 5 Pinckney St., BostonDAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

Boston’s City Archaeology Program, established in 1983, was one of the first such departments in the country. Maybe you’ve heard of the excavation that was beginning around that time? It was called the Big Dig. 

Joe Bagley is the fourth person to serve as Boston’s city archeologist. In December, he will celebrate his 10th year in the position. In 2016 Bagley published his first book, “A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts.” Inspired by “A History of the World in 100 Objects,” a best-selling brick of a book written by the director of the British Museum, Bagley dug up various tokens of Boston’s rich history, from cannonballs to fine china. 

The Old Corner Bookstore at 283 Washington St., Boston. DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

For his second book, out this week (April 24), Bagley set his sights not down into the ground, but up toward the sky. “Boston’s Oldest Buildings and Where to Find Them” documents the city’s antiquated Top 50, from Dorchester’s Blake House, built in 1661, to Charlestown’s Salem Turnpike Hotel, built around 1794. 

Why would the city archeologist, charged with unearthing buried treasures, devote so much of his research to architecture? It’s simple, Bagley says as he strolls downtown, past several of the city’s best-known “olds,” from the Old State House to the Old South Meeting House: If the city loses its oldest buildings, he could run out of places to dig. 

The Ebenezer Hancock House, 10 Marshall St., Boston. DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

Standing on the sidewalk across from the Old Corner Bookstore, Bagley is asked whether it bothers him that a burrito chain currently occupies the ground floor. 

Not at all, he says. The building has housed all kinds of businesses over the years, including a cigar shop, a barbershop, and an apothecary. Five decades or so ago an unsightly billboard towered over the building. 

Five decades or so ago an unsightly billboard towered over one of Boston's oldest buildings, the Old Corner Bookstore.COURTESY JOE BAGLEY

In a city as dynamic as Boston, change is constant. Frankly, Bagley says, if the latest tenant is a takeout restaurant, the building is still useful to the community. 

“This is a city. We have to fit more people over time. If there are creative ways to reuse these buildings, then they can hang around a little longer.” 

The Paul Revere House in Boston's North End. JONATHAN WIGGS/GLOBE STAFF/FILE

Visitors come from far and wide, of course, to tour Boston’s famous civic and residential properties. They shuffle through the North End’s Paul Revere House (circa 1680), one of the country’s oldest-operating house museums, and quaff the Guinness at Charlestown’s Warren Tavern (1780). 

But Bagley, a Maine native, relishes the opportunity to shine a little light on some less-famous monuments to Boston’s nearly 400-year history. For a time, he and his wife, Jen, served as caretakers of Dorchester’s William Clapp House. Built in 1806, it doesn’t quite qualify for the oldies list. But the Clapp House does headquarter the Dorchester Historical Society. 

A detail of the George Middleton House, 5 Pinckney St., Boston.DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

“This book is definitely meant to get people out to find them all,” he says. 

Earl Taylor is president of the Dorchester Historical Society, which will host one of several online events Bagley has planned for the rollout of his book in May and beyond. Taylor takes pride in the living history that surrounds his neighborhood. Dorchester, he points out, was settled “about three months prior to Boston.” 

A detail of the Ebenezer Hancock House, 10 Marshall St., Boston. DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

When Bagley lived in the Clapp House, Taylor says, he found some scribbling on the timbers in the attic — “what we call ‘graffiti.’ He was able to decipher some of it for us.” Archeology, Taylor says, “is not just in the ground.” 

All the proceeds for Bagley’s new book will benefit Boston’s Landmarks Commission, just as the earnings for his first book went to his own archeology program. 

“We’re not allowed to moonlight,” he explains. (He does, however, spend his free time creating incredibly intricate hand-cut paper art.) 

The archeology position, Bagley says, is his dream job. 

“I’ve never had to tell anyone why there’s a city archeology department,” he says. In Boston, where history is around every corner, “everyone just gets it. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” 

Boston’s Oldest Buildings and Where to Find Them,” by Joseph M. Bagley, Brandeis University Press, $28.95. 

A detail of the George Middleton House, 5 Pinckney St., Boston.DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 25, 2021, 6:55:03 PM4/25/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Boston College to require all students and staff to be vaccinated for fall semester (Sofia Saric, Boston Globe: April 24, 2021) 

Boston College to require all students and staff to be vaccinated for fall semester - The Boston Globe

Gasson Hall on the campus of Boston College in Chestnut Hill.BOSTON COLLEGE

Boston College will require students, faculty and staff who return to campus for the fall semester to be fully vaccinated, school officials announced Friday. 

All must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before participating in any on-campus activity, with exceptions granted for legitimate religious and medical reasons, BC’s President William P. Leahy said in a statement. 

“Promoting the health and safety of our campus community and surrounding neighborhood is essential and a priority for everyone,” he said. 

There will be 4,500 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine available on campus next week. 

The vaccine will be administered in Conte Forum on April 26, 27 and 28. Corresponding second doses will be provided on May 17, 18, and 19 for those still on campus or who live within driving distance. 

Several other Massachusetts colleges have already announced vaccination requirements, including Emerson College, Boston University, Northeastern University and UMass Amherst. 

“The months since COVID-19 surfaced more than a year ago have been challenging, but our campus community has responded with generosity, commitment, and grace,” Leahy said. “I ask that we continue to help and care for one another as the spring semester comes to an end and planning for another academic year moves forward.” 

Anthony D'Isidoro

Apr 26, 2021, 7:14:15 AM4/26/21
to Anthony D'Isidoro

Today!! Affordable & Fresh Fruits and Veggies at PSF Community Center.