Community Notes, Events, Updates & Public Comment Request November 22-28, 2021

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Anthony D'Isidoro

Nov 20, 2021, 9:48:22 AM11/20/21
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City Council opposes relocation of Herter Community Garden 

Founded in 1976, Herter Community Garden is located along the banks of the Charles River in Allston-Brighton’ Christian A. Herter Park. The garden has served as a vital resource and gathering space for local community members for over 45 years. The garden provides access to organic gardening space for a multigenerational community. This community includes: 

  • older adults 
  • immigrants, and 

  • residents of color from surrounding neighborhoods. 

These community members rely on the garden for food security, sociability, and support networks. 

On September 29, 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) announced its intent to remove and relocate the Herter Community Garden. Their intent was to consolidate Herter Park’s existing gardens. Gardners have said relocation is not feasible. Additionally, removal of the garden will result in the loss of 45 years of community labor and organic soil enrichment. The site proposed for the garden's relocation is poorly suited for cultivation. 

In opposition to the DCR’s plans, there is a resident-initiated petition that supports the retention of Herter Community Garden in its current location. It has garnered over 2,300 signatures. During this week’s Council meeting, the Council voted to adopt a resolution opposing the proposed relocation of the garden. The Council urges the DCR to both retain Herter Community Garden in its current location and work with stakeholders to determine how best to support the garden’s future. 







Boston Civic Design Commission Monthly Meeting 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 


The next project presentation was for NEXUS at the Allston Innovation Corridor. Kirk Sykes is recused.  


Michael DiMinico, King Street Properties: Introduces the project  


David Godfroy, DiMella Shaffer: Changes to Artist’s Way, vehicular circulation, pedestrian circulation, massing and height, and setbacks from streets. Removal of a floor at 250 Western Ave and adding setbacks and a “cornice line”. At 280 Western Ave, enclosed the parking garage to make it feel like a building. At 305 Western Ave, change to the overall design and massing, and ribbon design refinement to never touch the ground and add primacy.  


Rob Adams, Halvorson: Project has been well received by the community. Nice network of open spaces and connections. Increased greenery in Artists Way, and updating of streetscape to comply with Boston’s Complete Streets. King Street has also committed to seasonal planting in planter containers, but added trees also that will be permanent.  


Linda Eastley: Artists Way takes car traffic at the end of the day from 4-6pm. Some of this still feels unresolved, as far as pedestrian experience is concerned. The more successful of the buildings is actually the one at the corner, number 305. Less convinced about the ribbon motif because of the way it would be experienced from the street.  


Jonathan Evans: Agree with concerns about the ribbon. Has that been updated? Was there any additional thinking about materiality of the ribbon?  


David Godfroy: It has been updated. And we’re thinking of a metal panel in a matte finish with smaller joints, to mimic terracotta.  


William Rawn: We should be encouraging this kind of project invention. Artists Way: I don’t know if it will work. It’s going to have traffic in the evening. But it also gives a central focus to the project that has a chance to be successful. I see the improvements to the ribbon - I don’t know if it will work, but we should support these kinds of design moves. We should applaud the development team for doing the unusual.  


Anne-Marie Lubenau: Appreciate the ensemble of buildings, and the attention to the parking garage. Commend the team on the attention to scale and the public realm.  


David Manfredi: Agree with Bill and Anne-Marie. These buildings are complex in envelope and in massing. Worried that you may be doing too many things, but it’s a design choice by the team. Would encourage the team to try to maintain the depth that the renderings show. Trying to do some interesting things - could endorse more simplicity. But it could be a very positive project.  


Deneen Crosby: Because Artists Way’s use is uncertain, should leave it as flexible as possible so it could evolve over time. Thinking about the tree placements, etc, if different things happen with the building’s use over time.  


VOTED: That the Commission recommend approval for the NEXUS at the Allston Innovation Corridor project in the Allston neighborhood. 


Boston Civic Design Commission Design Committee 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 


Project: Harvard Enterprise Research Campus, Allston  


Present: Commissioner Linda Eastley, Commissioner David Hacin, Commissioner Kathy Kottaridis  


DISCUSSION: The project team presented the project, focusing specifically on the landscaping, public space, and how the project will integrate into the neighborhood. The Commissioners complemented the project, and encouraged the project team to further develop their ideas. In particular, the Commissioners asked the team to explore in more detail how active public space will be programmed, to consider climate and weather in choosing materials and making formal site moves, and to think of their open space plans as a more explicit storytelling device for the larger neighborhood and landscape. The Commissioners also encouraged the project team to apply that same logic to the architecture, so that the buildings that sit in the landscape are friendly and fit into the context. The Project will continue in Design Committee 


Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing              

Inspectional Services Department              

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 

Extensions: 9:30 am  


Case: BOA-831064 Address: 17 Madeline Street Ward 22 Applicant: Harold McGonagle, RA  

Video: Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing 11-16-21 - YouTube   

Slide the time bar to 16:05                                       

Outcome: Approved extension to November 16, 2022  


Boston Public Improvement Commission Meeting    

Thursday, November 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am    


New Business   


NB 3. Mina Way; Brighton – Line & Grade Approval – On a petition by WBA 710W LLC 

Video: Video: Public Improvement Commission Hearings 11-18-21 - City of Boston   

Slide the time bar to 1:19:05                                       

Outcome: Referred to December 2, 2021 public meeting (New cul-de-sac off Washington St to provide access to eight new single family home lots)  


Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board Meeting        

Thursday, November 18, 2021 @ 3:30 pm    





18. Request authorization to issue a Determination pursuant to Section 80A-6 of the Boston Zoning Code in connection with the Notice of Project Change for the 449 Cambridge Street project to remove the compact living units component; to reduce the number of units from 166 to 152, including the reduction of IDP units from 28 to 26; and to take all related actions. 

Video: BPDA Board of Directors Meeting 11-18-21 - YouTube   

Slide the time bar to 2:33:53                                       

Outcome: Approved  


Public Comments Requested:                        


Harvard Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) (PDA Comment Due by December 3, 2021)  


Boston Landing (NPC Comment Due by December 13, 2021)  


St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center Parking Garage (DPIR, IMP Comment Due by January 4, 2022)  


176 Lincoln Street (DPIR Comment Due by January 24, 2022)  

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