Signal v1.4.0.1 - issues after upgrade

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Aug 13, 2011, 12:32:59 PM8/13/11
to Alloysoft
I accepted the auto update for Signal Server v1.4.0.1 and subsequently
remote web browsers (typically Chome) on my home net will connect to
Signal (& redirect to signalserver:3569/iphone/phone.html), display
the "iPhone" frame but no content from iTunes.

I un-installed, reinstalled & re-applied my license.

A cache flush, etc, on the remote browser re-instated the iTunes
content information but no album artwork is appearing.

I'd expect Signal to find the album artwork by web search as my
library is coming into iTunes from a remote DAAP server (forked-daap
which is transcoding from FLAC music files)

Do I need to change anything in the config file make the web search
the default?

iTunes v10.3.1.55 on Win7

Thanks, Don

[08/13 17:14:51] Signal
[08/13 17:14:51] --------------
[08/13 17:14:51] Copyright (c) 2005-2011 Alloysoft, LLC
[08/13 17:14:51]
[08/13 17:14:51] OS: Windows 7
[08/13 17:14:51] Server Name: spokane
[08/13 17:14:51] Added remote speaker: Computer
[08/13 17:14:51] Media Library Update Started
[08/13 17:14:51] Using Bonjour for Windows
[08/13 17:14:51] Media Library Update Finished (156ms)
[08/13 17:14:51] Added remote speaker: APX03
[08/13 17:14:51]
[08/13 17:14:51] Opening communication channels
[08/13 17:14:51] Added remote speaker: APX05
[08/13 17:14:51] Initializing XML channel (port 3567)
[08/13 17:14:51] Added remote speaker: APX02
[08/13 17:14:51] Initializing XML channel discovery (port 3568)
[08/13 17:14:51] Added remote speaker: APX04
[08/13 17:14:51] Initializing HTTP channel (port 3569)
[08/13 17:14:51] Server is started
[08/13 17:15:05] iTunes version is
[08/13 17:15:10] Media Library Update Started
[08/13 17:15:13] Media Library Update Finished (3.00s)

Matt Stevens

Aug 13, 2011, 2:42:10 PM8/13/11
Hi Don,

Sorry to hear you ran into some problems. Signal versions its web resources so browsers should pick up the new data on an update, but I've noticed that recent versions of Chrome don't check for a new version of the iframe when the parent page is reloaded. I'll see if I can find a way around that.

For the album art, it looks like the web service Signal uses for lookups is returning 500 errors. On Windows Signal advertises itself using a generic IE user agent and the web service apparently no longer likes this. I've posted a new build that changes the user agent and should get things going again for you:

I haven't used forked-daapd myself but my understanding is that it does support local album art to a degree. If iTunes picks up on artwork from it Signal should too. Otherwise if no artwork is found in the media player Signal will automatically try the web search.

Matt Stevens

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Aug 14, 2011, 4:24:41 AM8/14/11
to Alloysoft

v1.4.0.2 fixes the album art issue, the Chrome problem still remains
but Firefox had no problem - it just refreshed as expected.

Good work thanks.
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