Leak Zip~@! Alicia Keys KEYS Album Download

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Leak Zip~@! Alicia Keys KEYS Album Download Popular singer Alicia Keys Today dropped another great Album titled “KEYS” Its trending and is right here for your free download.

Alicia Keys has revealed details for her next record, Keys, which is out December 10. There are two versions of the album: Originals and Unlocked. Accordingly, she’s shared two versions of the first single from the project, “Best of Me.” Listen to the “Originals” and “Unlocked” versions of the song below.

“The Originals come from that classic side of me! It’s that AK that we WANT!! A homecoming,” Keys wrote. “The Unlocked side, I wanted to sample The Originals to create a whole other sonic experience. So, [Mike Wil Made-It] and I connected and made magic.”

Following last year’s Alicia, Keys appeared at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony to give remarks for Whitney Houston’s posthumous honors. She also joined Brandi Carlile on a new single titled “A Beautiful Noise,” released as a get-out-the-vote effort last fall.