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Oksana Kurysheva

Feb 18, 2018, 8:23:35 AM2/18/18
to Alfresco Translators
Hi all,

The most of you are members of the CrowdIn project, so it's reasonable to post this message to this group. It's not related to specific language, it's about organization status of CrowdIn project generally.

1. Project membership

Last week we overcame the mark of 900 members in the project. But it looked like the most of the members are not active. So we checked reports and cleaned the project. If member translated less than 100 strings (project includes totally 41 500 strings to translate) and wasn't online during last 1 year, then we removed him or her from the project. Only 466 members left in the project. That's sad.

If you were in the list of members who was removed, but you want to join back, you are free to do it, but think about will you have time to work on that or not.

2. We look for new members

After that cleanup we see that a number of languages requires more proofreaders and translators. Please invite your colleagues and friends who you think can help us. Here is a list of languages:
- Bulgarian looks for a proofreader
- Croatian looks for more translators and proofreaders
- Estonian looks for anybody to think about the future of the project
- Filipino looks for proofreaders with experience in using Alfresco
- Georgian looks for a proofreader
- Icelandic looks for more translators and proofreaders
- Indonesian looks for proofreaders with experience in using Alfresco
- Korean looks for more proofreaders
- Lao looks for anybody to think about the future of the project
- Latvian looks for anybody to think about the future of the project
- Pashto looks for translators
- Polish looks for a proofreader
- Thai looks for a proofreader
- Vietnamese looks for more proofreaders

3. New rules to join the project

I don't think that this information is important for you, because you are already members, but in case I will publish it here.

To join the project new members will be requested to tell about their experience in using Alfresco. It's good to send a link to the profile at Alfresco Community with links to forum questions etc.

Why does it become so difficult? Maybe you know that there is a service - - that rewards open source contributors (pay them with some cryptocurrency as I understand). We received 78 requests to join the project during last month and the most of the people don't worry about the quality of the translation, they just want to do something to get some money. We are not interested in such people. 

Your ideas how to improve the quality of the translations and to attract more community members to the translations project are welcome.

Best regards,

Davor Fanton

Oct 29, 2018, 4:15:25 AM10/29/18
to Alfresco Translators
Hello Oksana,

first I want to thank you for the initiative and all the work regarding the project of translating Alfresco.
Several members of the Croatian translation team have made a significant effort to translate version 6.
In process of doing so, we stumbled on several obstacles that made this task a bit difficult:
  • repository structure of i18n files is somewhat unexpected (different directories for versions, no version 6 dir,...),
  • missing several i18n files and several keys for last GA versions (from June 2018 and after),
  • the whole deployment on last GA Alfresco is undocumented (at least by my findings),
  • deploying Croatian (_hr) translation (to see it in action) was not an easy and straightforward task, especially so - for aikau strings and dependency jar
I do have some propositions with a goal to make building and using translation easier for all members and Alfresco users:
  • it would be useful (and required) to update and maintain repository content in sync with the latest GA versions of Alfresco products
  • making a documentation for the deployment of translated content (at least for the latest GA version of Alfresco)
  • making a recipe/cookbook or even a baseline bash script for automating deployment of translation
  • opening a hg/git repo with all the translations would be a step forward (at least with a read-only access)
  • enabling additional functionality like upload a i18n file update for authorized team members (e.g. coordinators)
Please, let us know what are you plannig for aligning with Alfresco 6 (dockerized deployment) and the status of repository reconstruction (as announced by Richard in March).
How can we help to within joint effort to translate Alfresco 6?

And since therte was no response from current croatian proof reader, can you please upgrade Marijana Horvat (mhorvat) and Mario Šarić (msaric) to be proof readers for the Croatian language.

Looking forward for your comments, with kindest regards from Zagreb
(Croatian translation team within Helix Ltd.)
Davor Fanton
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