Alembic 1.8.4 has been released

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Lucas Miller

Nov 11, 2022, 11:13:11 PM11/11/22
Thanks to your feedback, pull requests, and submitted issues we have a few bug fixes and build enhancements.


Add ALEMBIC_DEBUG_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS to control the build in debug mode.
It is set to ON by default to preserve the current behavior.
Use add_compile_options instead of the older add_definitions. (PR371)

Fix the include dirs for AbcCoreHDF5 tests. (PR382)

Fix issue hinted at in Issue 223: use PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR instead of CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR when embedding Alembic within another CMake project. (PR393)


On Windows _BitScanForward64 is only available when _WIN64 is defined.
When it is not, fall back on using _BitScanForward. (PR 373)

Fuzzer issue 49213 turned up some new malformed MetaData memory problems.
Indexed MetaData on the write side only allows 254 (plus the default empty one) small (up to 256 bytes), we now throw if we encounter malformed MetaData.
We were also allowing empty property and object names through on the read side even though the writer forbids this.
Finally integrate a couple of tests flagged by Taotao Gu's local fuzzer.
(PR391 and PR397)

Fuzzer issue 52939 showed that with certain malformed MetaData the pair separator should NOT occur before the assign separator. (PR396)


N2f and N2d properties were not being correctly bound. (PR390)

You can get it here:

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