Alembic 1.7.9 has been released.

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Lucas Miller

Sep 8, 2018, 1:31:38 AM9/8/18
Hello Alembic users,

Thanks to your feedback and numerous pull requests we have several
enhancements and bug fixes.

The latest release is here:


Add memory mapped read support for Ogawa, which is now on by default but
can be toggled off via Alembic::AbcCoreFactory::setOgawaReadStrategy.
Read speed is improved by about 10-25% on Linux and potentially much
more on Windows. (PR 187)

Make getOrders and getKnots const on Alembic::AbcGeom::ICurves. (PR 162)

Remove prefix _ in our include guards to be ISO conformant. (PR 192 and 194)

Remove some unnecessary null pointer checks before deleting an object. (PR 193)

When "wrapping" an IObject around the ISchemaObject properly copy the
IObject so that the instancing info is copied over as well. (PR 195)

Maya AbcImport/AbcExport:

Update several deprecated Maya API function calls. (PR 173)

Clean up some compiler warnings and add override keyword to a few methods.
(PR 174)

Prevent crash for importing certain invalid NURBS surfaces and add the
error message when the NURBS surface can't be created. (PR 175)

Alembic file translator now resolved in the same way as the AbcImport
command. (PR 176)

Fix per-face shader assignments not merging if the mesh to merge is an
intermediate object. (PR 177)



Fix crash when trying to stitch subd corner sharpness. ( PR 181 )


Use /bigobj flag for Visual Studio 2008/MSVC15.

Use PyAlembic as a target and property name to avoid a naming conflict.

Python binding should be alembic.pyd on Windows. ( PR 172 )

Add the msvc14fixes.cpp for the python bindings if using MSVC 14 2015 Update 3.
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