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Dec 13, 2011, 1:46:25 PM12/13/11
to Albartus
The first time I played motas was about 7 years ago. I immediately
knew this game was an extraordinary piece. but I was young, and there
wasn't much to choose from, so I haven't been completely sure this was
the masterpiece I thought it was. I have continued to play the game as
it was updated, for several years, always waiting for the next level
to come out. the i noticed that it hadn't been updated for a long
time, and in time I stopped checking if it was updated. today I
remembered about this game I used to like when I was a kid and decided
that I'm experienced enough to thoroughly examine this game. I've
already seen many games, and played online games for a while. since I
last played this game, many other games were also published some of
the quite successful and fewer were really good. but when comparing
the top-notch games of today with motas, few are a real challenge. I
did those comparisons and the result surprised me (even though it was
obvious to me just a couple of years back); I came to the definite
conclusion that motas is one of the greatest point and click online
games of all times, and with a slightly revised UI and improved
graphics this game could even compete with modern games of the quest
genre, and I mean games that are not online. This game lacks so
little, but its greatest flaw is that it's unfinished. and for that
reason I wish to urge the creator of this game (Jan Albartus if I'm
not mistaken) to finish his incomplete masterpiece, for whenever I
think about this game I can't shake the uncomfortable feeling that you
get upon viewing an incomplete masterpiece, that more could be done to
make that piece beyond notable, even influential. There is no doubt in
me (at least, not anymore) that this game must be finished. I, for
one, am anxious still to see this game finished and am still waiting.

Hope my words will seep into the thoughts of some (especially the
creator of this game),

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