Incoming emails not registered

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Alex Popescu

Sep 8, 2021, 11:44:23 AM9/8/21
to Alaveteli Dev
I've just installed Alaveteli on
I'm still failing at seeing incoming messages into the platform.

External emails reach Postfix - checked with `postcat -qv <emailId>` with <emailId>'s found in mail.log

Contents of /var/log/mail/mail.log

see also: – egrep '(warning|error|fatal|panic):' /var/log/mail/mail.log | more)
*warning: hostname does not resolve to address – this is weird, because it does resolve – ping responds with that ip

The email queue (`mailq`):
see: 'temporary failure' and 'Waiting for fcntl lock'

`host -t mx` ⟶ ` mail is handled by 10`

But `telnet 25` doesn't seem to work from the outside (Operation timed out / Unable to connect to remote host) – although I've looked into opening port 25 (ufw / iptables)

telneting from the server, it works until:
>> 503 5.5.1 Error: need MAIL command
*although I have installed mailutils

./script/mailin < /tmp/ echoes 0

where should I look next?

Alex Popescu

Sep 8, 2021, 12:34:08 PM9/8/21
to Alaveteli Dev
I've also now looked at
noticed that /etc/postfix/ didn't have all those directives, mine looks like this now: 
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