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Jul 26, 2021, 3:19:57 PM7/26/21
to alaska-citi...@googlegroups.com
The issue with Mike is he likes to ride the fence as long as possible, then when things are self evident he coat tails along with situation updates that have already been forecasted by other more credible sources.
He also has a bit of an arrogant nature about himself as apposed to a genuine care for his neighbor (part of the social media / human affliction) 

and so here he is now calling the vaccines “Trump” vaccines and now you will see him ride the fence a bit but jump on the opposition to Trump coat tails..
with a pinch of arrogance…

Banned.video is like "light beer" to Bitchute which you may have to filter the tabloids but you get truth bombs unfiltered..

Again Terral.03 called this 2 years ago and for me has been the single source that never made a prediction that did not come to fruition.

I got fish to catch and firewood to collect so I will practice what I preach and get off the 24 hour cycle and decompress for a week :-)

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