A Child's Requiem

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Norm Olson

Mar 19, 2018, 8:19:16 PM3/19/18
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A Child's Requiem

by norm olson


Platitudes and empty words filled the room that day
As the children of the streets stood up to take the guns away
"Its them nasty guns and rifles that do us savage harm
"And it's our intent to stop the guns by raising great alarm."

And the children of the streets began to march resist and yell.
"If you don't make them guns go away, we'll network and rebel.
And from among the multitude of voices, this echoed truth will stay:
They believed they'd all be safe and sound...just take the guns away!

So using social media they quickly reached their goal:
They'd march behind a promise to keep them safe and whole.
The Piper promised to make them safe, but instead he vexed them so.
In haste the Piper called the experts, for certainly they'd know.

The Piper says, "we'll solve the problem" the children simply ask when?
"We'll study it and select a committee to review the plans again."
And finally a answer came, when all other solutions failed,
Instead of honestly solving the problem, this consensus prevailed:

A solution was finally grabbed at that was supposed to ebb the fear
A solution that would keep bad guys away and keep the good guys near
And it was a popular solution, and one appropriate for our age
We'll simply herd the children into a goodly solid cage.

You see, platitudes and empty words were offered to the crowds, but these, OUR Children, the Children we have now, we promised to protect them and don't and they think we won't. They do not believe we CANNOT! And they wonder why.

So they rise up. And perhaps now they will learn to protect themselves. "self defense, by default." And we in the militia need to be teaching them how.   Yes we really need to be teaching them how.

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taylor englert

Mar 23, 2018, 9:14:08 PM3/23/18
to alaska-citi...@googlegroups.com
Good one Norm.
 I want to hear the one about the old miner's spirits guiding the prospector again.

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