Colonized minds

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Jul 5, 2021, 9:25:31 PM7/5/21
Unless you're able to decipher and watch with a surgeon generals warning label style approach, view with precaution and viewers discretion advised style approach to all this media and geo political theater, drama and allegory of the cave wall production.
Then it’s best you simply unplug and turn off all forms of media and influence until you can re enter with the above mentioned mental acuity.

If you are already at this point then I encourage you to use  your own critical thinking and approach all of this media political nonsense as pure programming, enslavement and entertainment.

If you can’t and are unable to see it for what it is, then you are more than welcome to continue to be force fed your reality and participate amongst the others, bickering amongst yourselves over who knows more about the daily facts and new street jargon, who’s side is in control and who’s looking out for humanity and the nonstop kick the can theories and major reports to be released only to be dragged out like a carrot on a stick. Yup thats you being led around by the nose once again. Still not get it yet?

either way, awake or still stuck in the matrix this short video is worth a watch..

and on that note I will give things a rest, either you see if for what it is or you simply don’t and insist on being a participant in the matrix. 

I want you to remove yourself from the mind F!@K thats got 90% of the world enslaved because you're perpetuating the alternative “fake / scripted” reality every day you are not awake. We need you awake and off the plantation so you can help others detract form the matrix. 

laugh all you want, scoff and erase at will but….

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