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Jun 23, 2021, 2:53:57 PM6/23/21

And it will be mandated for all, gear up folks it’s coming

Faith Southwell

Jun 25, 2021, 11:22:40 AM6/25/21
Stuart Milner
The individual speaking in your attached video did not have Dershowitz finish his statement. Forced vaccinations can only be implemented if “effective and safe.” Other attorneys disagree. 

At this point the Covid injections are not approved. They are under Emergency Use Authorization. (EUA). Therefor they have not been determined safe and effective. 

You can find a recent court case dealing with forced experimental shots on soldiers. It cannot be forced on them. 

Also under EUA experimental treatments are only be given to volunteers if there is no treatment available for a disease. The public continues to understand Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are very successful treatments making this experimental shot moot. 

We can take a lawful stand using science, medicine and logic. 

Ray Southwell

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On Jun 23, 2021, at 10:53 AM, 'STUART MILNER' via Alaska Citizens Militia <> wrote:

And it will be mandated for all, gear up folks it’s coming

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Scotty Bennett

Jun 25, 2021, 11:30:17 AM6/25/21

Ron Leonard

Jun 25, 2021, 3:29:34 PM6/25/21


Jun 25, 2021, 5:12:14 PM6/25/21
well you will see them pass it without your approval, since when does congress and elected officials ever have your well being in mind? and like Dershowitz stated they can and will mandate it once they use the stroke of a pen and they will enforce it..

Look you can play word salad and semantics all day long, the bottom line is it’s coming and it will be forced, playing the “if” game works for your sanity thats great stay optimistic thats the key, but to take their word and entrust those who have proven to violate your trust, well shame on those who continue to allow hollow promises to be their guiding star… 


Jun 25, 2021, 5:32:47 PM6/25/21
to 'Faith Southwell' via Alaska Citizens Militia
The government doesn’t have to enforce or force anything going forward, at first, 
what they do is use corporate America, employers and the willing to ensnare those unwilling.
then they use incentives like lottery earnings and vacation packages, anything to get a % more of the population on board.
Then comes the stroke of a pen, then comes the mandate and enforcement.

it’s not not coming and you hear this from me, some of you know this already, others want to keep hoping for the best… it’s just whats coming folks, you either accept it and prepare or don’t and continue to hope things get better. 
There is a playbook being rolled out and implemented right now, the timelines usueally have large events in the springs from Feb-June ook back at all these dates of large developments..
Are the useful idiots stock on the cave wall production not running around fear mongering about some “delta strain” and is it June? Terral.03 has the playbook

When you make suggestions that a court will decide in our favor, I really have to question if your paying attention or just drunk on hopium ? sooner or later, sooner preferred, we need to accept the state we are in but unfortunately it will come down to a time where it’s too late and gone too far for those who still hold faith in the system to understand just how tipped the scales are and why it’s time to start talking abolishment of these representatives.

Chlorine dioxide CDS and CDH along with DMSO topical with Borax food grade and nano silver (particulates less than .5 micron) not commercially available and not colloidal silver “nano” silver 
are the key to fighting off virus, fungus and cancers…
Not sure about any of you but I nor my children have had a cold, flu or any illness in over 4 years going on 5. Since we take this stuff along with Zeolite we have been illness free (knock on wood) :-)

This Delta strain is the Harald strain that Terral talked about over 2 years ago now.. this guy has the playbook folks, been 100% vetted on timelines and next events he’s worth listening to, he’s been spot on for over a year on all of this…


Jun 26, 2021, 4:15:11 PM6/26/21
to 'Faith Southwell' via Alaska Citizens Militia
I would suggest everyone try the NO NEWS CHALLENGE!
No news, TV or social media for 24hours

your participation in the cave wall production does not effect the outcome of what is to be, your calls to your elected officials fall on deaf ears, waiting for knights in shiny armor is pointless, engaging in the right / left paradigm is a waste of your time.

Now that you made it 24 hours can you go a full weekend ? why is news slow on the weekends anyway? should be easy for you right?

Again, you staying informed and learning all the new vernaculars like asymptomatic, covid-19, Spars 21, event 201, gain of function, ventilators, ivermectin, hydrochloroquinolin, protein shedding, messenger RNA, Dominion, watermarks, ballots, audits. planes / trains / automobiles/ lions / tigers/ and bears OH MY!!!

NONE! of your participation in this glorified soap opera will do you or I any good.

Now that you made it a weekend without the news, can you go a full week ?

If you need to check the weather do as our ancestors once did, go outside! other than that you have to understand the playbook can only be executed with willing participants so your tuning into the production provides the psyop needed so that amongst yourselves you engage in a fabricated reality that is being manipulated and you become a willing participant.

If you extract yourself from this production it’s much easier on the mind, you gain clarity, and you do not participate in your own destruction..


The rest of the worlds elite have made their preparations for the earth changing event, sure they may come topside to show a brief appearance and in the months ahead and year to come this will become less and less while they ramp up distraction strategies and mask up!

there will be a 2nd global lock down, there will be more mandates and show force and military command and control.. 

What you need to understand is the global cycle we are in and what earth  changes are going on and why all this geo political nonsense is a tool of distraction and culling of the population in preparation of this event.

So many sources out there, if you start to dig you will find the answers to all this, but tuning into the news and joining a team to support is futile and going to rob you of your remaining years so get a hobby and enjoy life while you still can..

GET OFF THE 24 HOUR NEWS CYCLE!!!! it’s okay I promise your participation is not needed and your new vernacular is not something to boast about :-)



Jun 27, 2021, 6:34:03 PM6/27/21
to 'Faith Southwell' via Alaska Citizens Militia


Jun 29, 2021, 1:48:11 PM6/29/21
to 'Faith Southwell' via Alaska Citizens Militia
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