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Tristano Ajmone

May 5, 2022, 11:49:47 AM5/5/22
to Alan-IF Google Group

Ciao everyone!


Just wanted to drop a few quick news updates regarding:


1. Progress on StdLib v2.2.0  

2. New AsciiDoc package for Sublime Text 4






Work on the upcoming release of the StdLib has resumed. I was hoping for the

new v2.2.0 to be ready by June, but due to the amount of work it might take

a bit longer. In terms of features and code fixes, most of the work is now done,

and in any case it won't be much different from the preview release that was made

available some months ago (v2.2.0-RC):




There are some small features improvements and code fixes, but mostly relating to

edge-cases which you are unlikely to stumble upon — so, even if you're currently
working on an adventure using v2.2.0-RC, you should be able to simply drop in the

new version without having to tweak you source code, or with minor tweaks.


Most of the pending work pertains the StdLib Manual, which hasn't yet been updated

to mirror the latest library code. In any case, if you're already creating an adventure

using StdLib v2.2.0-RC (or are planning to) you might want to check the online developer

version of the manual, which always mirrors the latest changes of the current work in





We'll strive to complete updating the Manual as soon as possible, and if not by June

we hope that it will be ready at least by September, although it's difficult to provide

a precise ETA due to the document size.


For those who are planning to create an adventure during the Summer holidays, don't

hesitate to contact me if you need support for any undocumented features of the library.






As you might already be aware of, all the official ALAN documentation is now being

maintained using the AsciiDoc format. Unfortunately, there aren't many editor packages

that offer good support for the AsciiDoc syntax; they either provide little syntax

coverage or, worst, they tend to break syntax highlighting with complex document.


A while ago I've taken upon myself the task of forking the official Asciidoctor

package for Sublime Text 2 and try to fix its many problems that lead to documents

breaking down during editing. I've finally managed to port the old ST2 syntax to

the new ST4 syntax format, which offers new features that should prove useful to

handle ambiguous syntax cases.


I've managed to fix most (but not all) the problems that lead to documents highlighting

breaking down, and improve the overall editing experience. Therefore, I've now made

my package available for installation by end users (not via PackageControl official

channel, but from GitHub using ST package manager).


The package fork can be found at the following link, with instructions on how to

install it on Sublime Text 4 so that it will automatically update:




I hope this package can be useful to anyone working with AsciiDoc, and especially

so for those who wish to contribute to the ALAN documentation.


Best regards to all,


Tristano Ajmone (Italy)


IFDB profile page:



Alan 3 Syntax for Sublime Text:



Tristano Ajmone

May 29, 2022, 8:44:54 PM5/29/22
to Alan-IF Google Group


We've just reorganized the entire structure of the Standard Library repository, so the links in the previous
email are no longer valid now. Here are the updated links, which should remain the same in the future...

Alan Standard Library v2.2.0 User’s Manual
Live HTML preview:

The Clothing Guide
Live HTML preview:

New Clothing System Notes

* * *

New Repository Structure

The new repository structure was conceived to ensure that the full distribution of the library is
always available at the repository, by keeping all distribution files inside the 'lib_distro/'
folder, and all developer sources in other folders:


Once the first tagged release is out (i.e. upcoming v2.2.0), users will be able to navigate through
the library distribution file directly on 'master' branch. For the time being, this is only available
on the 'dev' branch, where the current developer snapshot is being worked on.

Downloading Dev Snapshots

Furthermore, thanks to the new structure, you can always download the latest StdLib dev snapshot from
the 'dev' branch via this direct link:


The downloaded Zip file will only contain the distribution files, without any development source or
files relating to Git or repository settings — only the library assets!

Since the 'dev' branch will always be the baseline development branch for upcoming new versions of the
library, the above link will always allow downloading the latest dev snapshot. Since new features and
bug fixes are developed in "feature branches" and extensively tested before merging into 'dev', the
library code obtained from that link is always safe to use (albeit still WIP).

Best regards,

Tristano Ajmone

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