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Tristano Ajmone

Apr 28, 2021, 9:02:33 PM4/28/21
to Alan-IF Google Group
Ciao Everyone,

The Alan-Docs repository now proudly has its own website dedicated to hosting all the
ALAN documentation:

We've stopped tracking all HTML and PDF builds of the docs in the Alan-Docs repository,
because now end users can obtain them directly from the website, and the repository is
now dedicated only to the development and maintenance of the docs sources.

Which also means that previous links to any HTML and PDF documents at the Alan-Docs repo
are now broken; so if you're providing links on your own websites, blogs, etc., you
should update them with their new links at the Alan Docs website (the same goes for any
bookmarks you might have stored in your browser).

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but moving all documents to a centralized official
website for all ALAN docs is going to have many advantages on the long run, both for
end users and developers, simplifying maintenance and preventing documents from being
scattered all over the Internet.

I'd also like to mention that the Alan Docs website can host (or link to) any ALAN
document — i.e.not just the docs which are part of the Alan Docs repository. The main
difference between the repository and the website is that the repository goal is to
convert all existing documents to AsciiDoc, to improve collaborative editing,
simplify their development, and support more output formats (PDF, HTML, ePub, etc.).

Ideally, AsciiDoc will be the standard adopted for all future ALAN documentation,
which means that all docs can be hosted in a single repository and share common assets,
like templates and syntax highlighters, and benefit from a unified toolchain.

But authors and end users are free to write their books and tutorials in whichever
format they like, and we'll be happy to host (or link to) their documents in the Alan Docs

As usual, feedback and contributions are warmly welcome.

My sincerest regards to all members of this wonderful IF community,

Tristano Ajmone (Italy)
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