Zipped !! AKTHESAVIOR & Lord Fubu Hiatus Album Download

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Zipped !! AKTHESAVIOR & Lord Fubu Hiatus Album Download Full Album: Hiatus by AKTHESAVIOR & Lord Fubu song free download is out now on toryextra listen/share with friends. 

AKTHESAVIOR & Lord Fubu has gotten his fans on the edge of their seats with this party thriller. His song “Hiatus Album“is already causing stirs in the streets leaving people in awe of his wordsmith powers.

AKTHESAVIOR & Lord Fubu released a new joint album titled “Hiatus”, and all tracks are right here for your download.

AKTHESAVIOR & Lord Fubu Hiatus Full Album Tracklist 

This trending banger ‘Hiatus Album‘ is here on musicbox for your free streaming and download.

Tracklist :-

1. Plz Stand By!
2. Another Dimension
3. No Brakes
4. Fucc Quarantine
5. Lil Soldier (Ft. Kenneth Cash)
6. Three Two One
7. Playing For Keeps
8. Ouch!
9. Navi’s Flight
10. Lil Soldier Chopped (Ft. Kenneth Cash)