! make $5 turn into $50k for your pocket in a month!!!

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John Miller, spoofer

Sep 26, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/26/97

Ever get frustrated by lingering bills? Car payments putting a big dent
in your wallet? Want to be more financially stable? If you have answered
yes to any of these questions, unless you are Bill Gates you must be nuts
to have answered no at least once, then this is your chance put an end to
those financial frustrations. This is an opportunity to make literally
thousands of dollars without busting your back but just repeating this
message as I have done. All it takes is just $5 dollars and 5 stamps and
some of your time. The results have been unbelievable. According to
other people on the net that have already done this have claimed to have
made between $15,ooo to $60,000. I stopped counting after I was able to
pay off my new ‘97 car. And now I have totally upgraded my computer and
bought a really sweet lap top. So you see that in one month I have made a
single digit number turn into a 5 digit number. All you have to do is
send out five one dollar bills to the addresses specified later in this
message. Then you just repeat this message in your own words and post it
in the newsgroups. Here are the very simple instructions on how to do

step 1) get five one dollar bills and fold them up in separate sheets of
paper stating “PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST” and include your
mailing address

step 2) put each notice containing the dollar bill and your address into
five separate envelopesin such a way that you can not see the dollar bill
to prevent theft.

step 3) send each envelope to the following addresses

1) Fred Dufour
1596 39th Ave
Montreal, QC. H1A4A2

2) Robert Wisowaty
1341 Kane St.
La Crosse, WI. 54603
3) Mark Moyes
1173 NW 122 Ave.
Portland, OR. 97229

4) Shawn Blake
207 Flenniken St.
Gladewater, TX. 75647-5703

5) John Miller
7094 Morgan rd. Box 227a
Ft. Campbell, KY. 42223

*make sure you write down the addresses correctly to get the proper

step 4. After you have sent those out in the mail put your name at the #5
slot by moving everyone up the list and removing the number one person.

step 5. Create a message similar to this one and post it in about 200
newsgroups. 200 minimum but remember the more you sent out the more
responses you will get.

Step 6. Now that the money is flowing back into your wallet faster than
you can spend it take the address of the people who have responded to your
posts and add them to your mailing list.

It is important that you send out the five dollar bills for it to work. I
have talked several people who have tried to cheat the system and the most
they made was only $150. Personally I prefer the five digit number sort.
So its important that you remain honest and send out your five dollars to
make it work to its fullest.

I am in the military and was barely living of less than minimum wage and
now I have my car paid off and gotten rid of my “lingering” bills. And
now I am saving for school after the military. It has helped me visit
family overseas, and friends all over the U.S. without worrying about
running out of finances and not doing what I was wanting to do because of
“penny pinching”.

If you don’t under stand the process of how this works here is a breakdown
of how it works; say only 15 people respond to your posts at #5 that is
and 15 responses per person at #4 that is $225 #3 $3,375 at #2 $50,625 and
at #1 $759,375 The average response is probably 20-30.

So what are you waiting for? Go get some cash!!!



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