Actor configuration does not pick Dispatcher,Mailbox for actors with router

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Satish P

Apr 22, 2020, 8:31:10 AM4/22/20
to Akka User List
What is the reason that actor with router will not consider dispatcher/mailbox configuration from config file? We had to manually specify withDispatcher()/withMailbox in code for actors with router. is there any work around to pick the same from configuration. Is it ok to over ride the default dispatcher for actors with router?

  def actorOf(system: ActorSystemImpl, props: Props, supervisor: InternalActorRef, path: ActorPath,
              systemService: Boolean, deploy: Option[Deploy], lookupDeploy: Boolean, async: Boolean): InternalActorRef = {
    props.deploy.routerConfig match {
      case NoRouter
        if (settings.DebugRouterMisconfiguration) {
          deployer.lookup(path) foreach { d ⇒
            if (d.routerConfig != NoRouter)
              log.warning("Configuration says that [{}] should be a router, but code disagrees. Remove the config or add a routerConfig to its Props.", path)

        val props2 =
          // mailbox and dispatcher defined in deploy should override props
          (if (lookupDeploy) deployer.lookup(path) else deploy) match {
            case Some(d) ⇒
              (d.dispatcher, d.mailbox) match {
                case (Deploy.NoDispatcherGiven, Deploy.NoMailboxGiven) ⇒ props
                case (dsp, Deploy.NoMailboxGiven)                      ⇒ props.withDispatcher(dsp)
                case (Deploy.NoMailboxGiven, mbx)                      ⇒ props.withMailbox(mbx)
                case (dsp, mbx)                                        ⇒ props.withDispatcher(dsp).withMailbox(mbx)
            case _ ⇒ props // no deployment config found

        if (!system.dispatchers.hasDispatcher(props2.dispatcher))
          throw new ConfigurationException(s"Dispatcher [${props2.dispatcher}] not configured for path $path")

        try {
          val dispatcher = system.dispatchers.lookup(props2.dispatcher)
          val mailboxType = system.mailboxes.getMailboxType(props2, dispatcher.configurator.config)

          if (async) new RepointableActorRef(system, props2, dispatcher, mailboxType, supervisor, path).initialize(async)
          else new LocalActorRef(system, props2, dispatcher, mailboxType, supervisor, path)
        } catch {
          case NonFatal(e) ⇒ throw new ConfigurationException(
            s"configuration problem while creating [$path] with dispatcher [${props2.dispatcher}] and mailbox [${props2.mailbox}]", e)

      case router
        val lookup = if (lookupDeploy) deployer.lookup(path) else None
        val r = router :: ::: reduce ((a, b) ⇒ b withFallback a)
        val p = props.withRouter(r)

        if (!system.dispatchers.hasDispatcher(p.dispatcher))
          throw new ConfigurationException(s"Dispatcher [${p.dispatcher}] not configured for routees of $path")
        if (!system.dispatchers.hasDispatcher(r.routerDispatcher))
          throw new ConfigurationException(s"Dispatcher [${p.dispatcher}] not configured for router of $path")

        val routerProps = Props(
          p.deploy.copy(dispatcher = p.routerConfig.routerDispatcher),
          classOf[RoutedActorCell.RouterActorCreator], Vector(p.routerConfig))
        val routeeProps = p.withRouter(NoRouter)

        try {
          val routerDispatcher = system.dispatchers.lookup(p.routerConfig.routerDispatcher)
          val routerMailbox = system.mailboxes.getMailboxType(routerProps, routerDispatcher.configurator.config)

          // routers use context.actorOf() to create the routees, which does not allow us to pass
          // these through, but obtain them here for early verification
          val routeeDispatcher = system.dispatchers.lookup(p.dispatcher)
          system.mailboxes.getMailboxType(routeeProps, routeeDispatcher.configurator.config)

          new RoutedActorRef(system, routerProps, routerDispatcher, routerMailbox, routeeProps, supervisor, path).initialize(async)
        } catch {
          case NonFatal(e) ⇒ throw new ConfigurationException(
            s"configuration problem while creating [$path] with router dispatcher [${routerProps.dispatcher}] and mailbox [${routerProps.mailbox}] " +
              s"and routee dispatcher [${routeeProps.dispatcher}] and mailbox [${routeeProps.mailbox}]", e)

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