ANNOUNCE: Akka 2.1.0-RC3

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√iktor Ҡlang

Nov 28, 2012, 7:03:58 PM11/28/12
to Akka User List,, scala-user
Dear hAkkers,

We—the Akka committers—are pleased to be able to announce the availability of Akka 2.1.0-RC3 (RELEASE CANDIDATE 3).

This is what we want Akka 2.1 to be, so take it for a spin and give feedback before 2.1.0 goes final!


The artifacts comprising this release candidate have been published to and also to Maven Central. In addition, we adopted the SBT standard of encoding the Scala version in the artifact name, i.e. the core actor package’s artifactId is “akka-actor_2.1.0-RC3”.

Summary of Changes since Akka 2.1.0-RC2

For the new features in 2.1, see the announcement for the previous release candidate:

resulting in 98 files changed, 785 insertions(+), 495 deletions(–). The most notable changes are:

 – fix a performance regression when subscribing to the EventStream
 – make Bootable configurable so automatically run when kernel starts (Thanks, Christian!)
 – some OSGi fixes (Thanks, Michael & Raman!)
 – fix two defects in akka-camel (Thanks, Ray!)
 – add ActorRefProvider.getDefaultAddress
 – fix a defect in system.actorOf (see
 – various fixes and documentation improvements

Take her for a spin!


Binary distribution:


Issue tracker:

Mailing list:

Akka is released under the Apache V2 license.

Git shortlog:

Björn Antonsson (5):
      Cleaning up after 2.1.0-RC2 staging
      Return only the changes to the SubclassifiedIndex. #2738
      Don't replace the active connection with a passive one. See #2654
      Mark tests that use unstable experimental features as ignored. See #2654
      Cleanup according to comments

Christian Krause (2):
      introduces new setting for a Bootable to sbt plugin (#2701)
      drop extra space between main class and bootable

Michael Pilquist (3):
      Fix bug where ActorSystems created via OsgiActorSystemFactory(ctx).createActorSystem fail to load akka.event classes unless bundle imports akka.event package
      Allow fallback classloader to be explicitly specified
      Fix build breakage in akka-osgi-aries due to last commit

Patrik Nordwall (7):
      DOC: Formatting issues, see #2723
      Fix various small things in docs, see #2707
      Correction of router with resizer doc sample, see #2740
      Correction of doc of unhandled, see #2736
      Hardening the tests in cluster sample, see #2654
      Hardening the tests in cluster sample, see #2654
      Reset StreamCache in getBodyAs to be able to re-read it, see #2724

Raymond Roestenburg (1):
      ticket #2739 fix. Also removed author tags since that's so 1990's

Rich Dougherty (1):
      Updated instructions for Sphinx install on Mac OS. Fixes #2735

Roland (5):
      amend one place in docs referring to blocking system.actorOf
      make HashedWheelTimer tolerate wrap-arounds, see #2686
      add ActorRefProvider.getDefaultAddress, see #2732
      clarify internal nature of ActorRefProvider impls
      fix lookup of top-level’s children, see #2675

Viktor Klang (18):
      #2710 - requiring sender and recipient of DeadLetters to be non-null
      #2703 - unprivatizing NoLogging and adding a Java API for obtaining the reference
      Rewriting PriorityDispatcherSpec not to rely on suspension
      #2694 - Fixing DataflowDocSpec examples
      Backporting multiple fixes from master
      2717 - Fixing the backoff strategy in PojoSRTestSupport
      #2717 - Changing names of the PojoSR constants to be more Scala-like and switching to FiniteDuration instead of Long
      #2729 - Removing uses of Future.either in favor of firstCompletedOf
      #2720 - Adding OSGi manifest to testkit
      #2719 - removing deployReadme from Dist task since it isn't used or needed.
      Making RoutingSpec a bit more elaborate, to put pressure on the implementation
      Attempting to hunt down and find the race in the RoutingSpec
      Simplifying the code inside Children and RepointableActorRef
      #2718 - Adding version range OSGi importPackage for Protobuf
      Automatic cleanup of formatting by scalariform
      Attempting to hunt down and find the race in the RoutingSpec
      #2575 - attempting to fix RepointableActors
      Roland found a nasty race between activate in supervisor and locally, this commit should fix it, and rename activate to point

Happy hAkking!

Viktor Klang

Akka Tech Lead
Typesafe - The software stack for applications that scale

Twitter: @viktorklang

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