Is it fine to have million instances of NewHostConnectionPool#HostConnectionPoolStage?

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Federico Jakimowicz

Jun 27, 2019, 2:36:40 PM6/27/19
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I'm not an akka user, but the in company framework that i'm using to perform load tests uses it under the hood.
Basically our load test does lots of requests to the same service across a given period of time.
I noticed a considerable amount of heap usage, retained, and a heap dump shows 2millon instances of NewHostConnectionPool#HostConnectionPoolStage.
I have seen the request is performed using:

So i wonder if could lead to some issue.
Also i have seen that the requests are sent to the PoolMasterActor which has two "pools" registered which seems fine as the services we are sending request to are under different hosts.
So I am failing to see how/when are those millons of HostConnectionPoolStage are being created.

any advice?

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