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Obaid Salikeen

Mar 1, 2020, 6:53:22 AM3/1/20
to Akka User List

I am new to reactive applications / Akka, and currently don't have a good clear idea on use-cases I should consider Akka vs some other approach like MVC. I will really appreciate if you could differentiate when to use MVC vs when to use Akka:

1. Could you discuss a use-case or example which could show when we should use an MVC framework vs when should we use Akka for developing a microservice? If we choose Akka, what are the advantages? 

Further arguments:
I would argue applications developed using MVC framework like Spring are also fault-tolerant, for example in applications we can catch exceptions, and have connection pools to handle bottle-necks. Hence, if you get 100 requests/s rather then 5 requests, the web server will launch more threads and it will still process multiple requests at the same time. 
Hence why should I use Akka then?

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