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We announced a new discussion forum, located here: https://discuss.akka.io
Please ask your new questions on the new forum, as we move over discussions to it entirely.
We hope you'll enjoy the new forums, which will serve the same purpose as akka-user has served so far.

PS: If you enjoy using mailing lists, please read the annoucement as we link to some hints about using the forums as-if-a-mailing list.
Happy hakking!
Akka team

This mailing list is the central place of the Akka ecosystem, where all questions related to our project are discussed. It is a friendly place with lots of helpful people, please respect those who are already here as well as those who come after you.

For more ad-hoc communication using chat, we have to chat rooms available: gitter.im/akka/akka for general akka discussions, and gitter.im/akka/dev for akka comitters and contributors to communnicate about developing Akka itself (or extensions for it).

Please be aware that this forum is made by and for Akka enthusiasts, mostly in their spare time. Requests for help with issues that are specific to only your own project’s usage are answered on a goodwill basis; 
If you are looking for production support with guaranteed response times please head over to Lightbend Inc.

Please note that this list is moderated to keep the spam out! — This means that it may take a little while until your post shows up.