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Feb 16, 2010, 11:43:21 AM2/16/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar

Wondering if you can help me here.
I am going to be setting up multiple users, who will have separate
How would I go about displaying only a certain user's calendars?

Say for example I have Guesthouse A, Guesthouse B etc... and these
guesthouses have their own pages. How do I display only Guesthouse A's
calendars on their respective page.

I hope you understand what I am trying to do.

Thank-you and great program!


Feb 16, 2010, 12:47:33 PM2/16/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar
Hi there Warren,
What you are requiring is actually quite simple and is one of the
features of this calendar.
However, I have just relalized that it is not actually very clear how
to do this and also there is a missing column in the "item
administration" where it should show the "id" of each calendar. I
will add that in in the next version (which is on hold until I get
some free time).

I'm sure that you have realized that you can add more users to the
administration and each one will only be able to administer their own
calendar. Ie they won't be able to see or modify other users calendar
nor can they adjust the general settings (configuration, booking
states etc)

Once you have created the users and they have set up their calendar
(or you have set it up for them) you will then need to identify their
calendar to be able to show it in the web along with their guesthouse
To do this you need to discover what "id" the calendar has and this is
what is missing from the item list - a column showing the "id".
However, you can still get this id by simply looking at the "url" when
you click on any of the items to modify them. You should see
something like this:
the "id" is what you need to identify the calendar for each

What you then need to do is modify the calendar code (ie the page that
actually shows the calendar) so that it uses this id rather than
simply letting the code find the first item in the data base.
To do this you simply add this line BEFORE you include the


(clearly you need to change the number to the id of the calendar that
you actually want to show)

That is all you need to do.

To sum up:
1. Add user
2. Add user calendar (from user account)
3. Identify calendar item "id"
4. Modify code that shows the calendar to use this "id" rather than
the default.

I hope you can follow these instructions. It is clearly something
that I need to make simpler and, more importantly document... there is
just so much still to do....

Thanks for your comments and I hope that you can get it to work as you


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