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Feb 18, 2010, 6:32:58 PM2/18/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar

First of all thanks for making this app available for free, it's
really easy and functional. Only thing I'm missing here is taking
notes about bookings, e.g. visitor name, contact details, amount of
deposit taken and so on.

Is there any chance of getting this implemented in nearest future?



Feb 19, 2010, 1:51:03 PM2/19/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar
I thought that I had answerd this post this morning (my time) but it
appears that my answer didn't get through :(

First off, thanks for the comments. A lot of work has gone into
making this calendar so it is nice to get positive feedback :)

I can't see when or if I will implement the ability to add comments as
you suggest to the dates. I am not sure that it would be a "generic"
requirement. Unless you can think of a better way, the only way I can
see to do this would be to have a "comments" field near the calendar
that would automatically be sent to the server via ajax along with the
date state info. The problem I can see with this (which I have
actually done once on the previous version of the calendar for a
client) is that it is rather "clumsy". You would have to remember to
insert the info each time and then clear it (or not) before the next
date is updated.
I can see why this would be useful for some users but I am not
convinced that it should form part of the base code.

Of course you can add this functionality yourself to your calendar (or
hire me to do it for you ;) )

That said, I will bear it in mind and am open to suggestions as to how
it might be implemented better than the method I have described.


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