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Mar 5, 2010, 11:38:40 AM3/5/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar,
Say you have 5 apartments with different names (Items) and you want to
embed the calendar simply using the iFrame tag on the 5 different
pages. How can I get the calendar to default to the specific item/
name? Is this possible?

Can I hard code this line in index.php:


With the actual item name and then make 5 different pages (index2.php,
etc.) to use as my iFrame source? Or can I somehow call from the
parent HTML page the value (name) and stick it in there on the fly?

Thanks - great app so far - just looking forward to nailing it all


Mar 5, 2010, 12:16:46 PM3/5/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar
Basically the code checks to see if the "id_item" has been defined as
a $_GET or $_POST variable.
If it has not been defined it gets the first one in the list.
So, you can overwrite this by placing:

You can make the calender show a specific item by defining it in the
url (if you are using an iframe)
like this:

Alternativley if you are doing a php installation to embed the
calendar directly in your page, you can add this to your code before
you actually include the calendar code:


Just replace "23" with your item id :)


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