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Feb 16, 2010, 7:18:10 AM2/16/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar
Hi Chris,

I have got your calender2 version on our website but was looking for
more possibilities and looked at your 3rd version.
I have put it up my server and looks good, however (i am a newbie to
it i have to say) I have some questions.

How do i change the colors from the other elements like booked a.m.,
booked p.m. and others?
Is it you have to write a script for that? half day's?

And if I want to make an new language it still gets stuck!?

Hope you can answer these questions.



Feb 16, 2010, 8:10:35 AM2/16/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar
The background image and the state colors (and all other layout
settings) are defined in the avail-calendar.css file which can be
found in here:

"ac-contents" > "themes" > "default" > "css"
You will most likely need to alter the path to the background image.

> And if I want to make an new language it still gets stuck!?

What do you mean by this?
Are you getting an error (php, javascript)?
I would need some more information to be able to know possible
causes ;)



Feb 16, 2010, 9:14:18 AM2/16/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar
Hi, thanks for the fast reply,

Just founded the css myself, but... i do not know how to change that,
its all new for me, sorry
I do not know how to change these colors and put them in half colors
(for half day's)
Is it possible that you send me the demo css w here the half days
allready are in, so i can copy them into my server?
(btw. why did you left them out of the download section? i think most
of us will use that, and it was allready in the 2nd version)

New languages problem is solved, was a chmod 777 problem, just fixed


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Feb 16, 2010, 10:32:35 AM2/16/10
to Ajax Availability Calendar
All the half days use just one common background image named
"bg_days.png" which you should find in the "images" flle:
"ac-contents" > "themes" > "default" > "images"

I am pretty sure that it was in the zipped copy, it certainly is in my
local copy of the latest download package.
It is true however that the path to the image is wrong in the css file
as it began something like "/v3.03.02/" whereas clearly "/calendar"
would have been a better default directory. Sorry about that if it
has caused you problems.

As regards modifying the state colors they are all in that same css

These are the default states that use the background image (I placed
this right at the beginning of the file so that it is easy to find):

.cal_month ul li.booked_am,
.cal_month ul li.booked_pm,
.cal_month ul li.booked_pr_am,
.cal_month ul li.booked_pr_pm { background-image:url("/calendar/ac-

Then the other "complete day" states are defined lower down. Eg.:
.cal_month ul li.booked { background-color: #FF0000; }
.cal_month ul li.booked_pr { background-color: #ff9700; }
.cal_month ul li.offer { background-color:lime; }
.cal_month ul li.changeover { background-color:pink; }

This last block is where you need to add your site specific states or
update the colors of exisitng states.

Note. - For the next version I have cleaned up the css flle and added
more "notes" so as to make the job of modifying the default colors

If you are still ahving problems with your install (as regards colors
and images) it might be useful if you could send me an url (via email
if you preffer)


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