Algorithmic Information Theory

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Welcome to the Algorithmic Information Theory group!

The Algorithmic Information Theory (AIT) group is a moderated mailing list intended for people interested in 
Solomonoff Induction, and more broadly in 
Information Theory, 
Theoretical Computer Science, 
Mathematical Statistics, 
Recursion Theory, 
and other areas or disciplines related to AIT. 

The mailing list is actually 20+ years old, but I moved it from 
to Google Groups in April 2019.
See for more information.

Also, after moderating it for 17 year I'm looking for someone who could take over before it dies due to my lack of attention,
and possibly even revive it to a more active discussion platform as it has been (a very) long time ago.
If you have any ideas or questions or comments, please post them!

In any case, I welcome you to the reborn group.

Kind regards,

Marcus Hutter