Can you change the name on a plane ticket? A Complete Guide

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Join us on our enlightening journey as we explore the interesting question: "Can you change the name on a plane ticket?" Travel plans are unpredictable, resulting in situations when changing a ticket name becomes necessary. This alteration may be required due to a variety of factors, including marriage, divorce, legal name changes, or simple typographical errors during the booking process.

Airlines have distinct regulations and procedures for name changes, making it critical to understand the complexities. In this in-depth investigation, we will look at the many aspects of changing names on airline tickets. Our trip attempts to shed light on the various reasons that people desire this change, whether they are personal or administrative. 

Through this discussion, we present vital insights to help navigate the procedural terrain connected with changing names on aircraft tickets, providing clarity to people considering such changes in the area of air travel. Welcome to a helpful tutorial that explains the intricacies of changing names on aircraft tickets.

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Understanding General Rules and Regulations

Airline Variances: While most airlines allow small modifications, restrictions on big changes and prices might vary greatly. Budget airlines may be tighter, but luxury airlines may provide greater freedom.

Minor vs. major changes: Airlines often differentiate between minor adjustments (typos, middle names) and significant modifications (whole name changes). The former frequently incur smaller fees or even go free, whereas the latter carry larger charges.

Legal documentation: Legal documentation is required for major changes such as marriage, divorce, or legal name changes. Airlines prioritize accurate passenger identification for security reasons.

Costs and Fees

Prepare for Variations: The fees for name changes might vary greatly based on the airline, type of change, and closeness to the travel date. Early repairs may be less expensive, but last-minute changes might incur significant fees.

Understanding Fee Structures: Some airlines impose flat costs, while others use tiered fees dependent on the size of the adjustment. Be prepared to spend more for entire name changes than merely correcting a typo.

Process and Procedures

Contacting the Airline: The first step is to contact the airline via their website, customer care hotline, or travel agency (if you booked via one). Clearly describe the circumstance and the intended adjustment.

Document Requirements: Prepare to give supporting papers such as the original booking confirmation, a valid government ID, and any required legal paperwork for substantial name changes.

Meeting Deadlines: Airlines sometimes set deadlines for name changes, particularly for large changes. To minimize problems and any cost increases, start the procedure far ahead of your flight date.

Alternatives and Considerations:

Transferability Restrictions: Most plane tickets are non-transferable, which means that name changes cannot be utilized to swap people completely. In some circumstances, cancellation and rebooking may be the only options.

Impossibilities Exist: Unfortunately, certain conditions may not permit name changes at all. This might be due to fare constraints, being so close to the travel date, or security concerns. If you are confronted with such limits, consider cancellation and rebooking possibilities.

Can you change the name on a Delta plane ticket?

Yes, you can typically alter the name on a Delta ticket, although the process and fee vary depending on the sort of modification. Fixing errors or amending middle names is usually simple and inexpensive, however totally altering your name or moving passengers to a new ticket might be more difficult and costly.

  • Minor changes to Delta aircraft tickets, which are generally free and straightforward, can be performed to remedy typographical problems with little effort.

  • Major changes, such as name changes due to marriage or other legal reasons, may incur additional expenses, and supporting papers, such as marriage certificates, are necessary.

  • Swapping people on a Delta airline ticket is often not permitted. Instead, travelers may need to cancel their current reservations and rebook, subject to Delta's restrictions and associated costs.

Name Change Policy with the Best 5 Airlines

Air travel necessitates some degree of personal flexibility. Explore the top five airlines' Name Change Policies, which provide insights into their procedures and intricacies.

American Airlines

Minor fixes: Free for most fares, up to 24 hours before departure.

Major changes: Possible with fees ($75-$200) and documentation (marriage certificates, etc.). Not allowed within 24 hours.

Passenger swaps: Nope, gotta cancel and rebook.

Delta Airlines

Minor fixes: Similar to American, free or minimal fees depending on fare.

Major changes: Possible with fees and documents, but deadlines vary (72 hours for international).

Passenger swaps: Although not permitted directly, cancellation and rebooking may be less expensive than name changes.

United Airlines

Minor fixes: Free for most fares, up to 72 hours before departure.

Major changes: Possible with fees and documents, tighter deadlines (48 hours for international).

Passenger swaps: Not allowed directly, cancellation and rebooking might be cheaper than name changes.


Minor fixes: Free for most fares, up to 72 hours before departure.

Major changes: Possible with fees and documents, deadlines vary (48 hours for international).

Passenger swaps: Allowed with fees and airline approval, sometimes cheaper than name changes.

Spirit Airlines

Minor fixes: Typos and missing initials get a free pass (up to 3 letters) within 24 hours of booking.

Major changes: Legal name changes and complete alterations need documentation and a fee ($150-$250), still potentially cheaper than some carriers.

Passenger swaps: Spirit doesn't allow direct passenger swaps. Cancellation and rebooking might be your only option

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Name Change on International and Domestic Flights

Have you mistakenly entered the wrong name on your airline reservation? Do not worry, fellow tourist! While the processes may change significantly, changing names on local and international flights may be a smooth operation with the proper understanding. Let us go out the significant differences

Name change with Domestic Flights

Minor Adjustments: Most domestic airlines accept minor adjustments, such as typos or missing initials, for free or for a nominal cost, generally up to 24 hours before departure.

Major Changes are Possible: Complete name changes due to marriage, divorce, or legal adjustments are typically allowed with costs and evidence (marriage certificates, court orders). Deadlines might be stricter (48-72 hours).

Passenger swaps are not permitted: Directly transferring a ticket to another individual is usually not permitted on domestic flights. Cancellation and rebooking may be your only options.

Name Change with International Flights:

Stricter policies: Expect shorter deadlines and perhaps greater prices for name changes on overseas flights. Minor fixes may still be free, but significant changes sometimes need early notice (72-48 hours).

Documentation importance: Documentation is crucial. International name changes need the availability of formal papers such as marriage certificates or court rulings.

Passenger swaps are sometimes possible: Some airlines, notably those in Europe and Asia, may allow passenger swaps on international flights for a price subject to airline clearance. Check your unique carrier's policies.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, understanding the complexities of name changes on airline tickets is critical for a seamless trip. Each airline has its own set of regulations for dealing with small typos, large revisions, and passenger swaps. Staying informed and meeting deadlines guarantees a hassle-free experience. Safe travels with your current understanding of airline name change policies!

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