"Streamlining Your Journey: Online and Airport Check-in with Norse Atlantic Airways"

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 we'll explore the different check-in avenues offered by Norse Atlantic Airways, providing insights into the online check-in procedure, airport check-in requirements, and any pertinent information to ensure a hassle-free start to your journey. Whether you're seeking to save time with online check-in or prefer the traditional approach at the airport, Norse Atlantic Airways caters to diverse passenger needs, prioritizing convenience and efficiency.

Check-in Process for Norse Atlantic Airways at the Airport
Arrival at the Airport: Passengers should arrive at the airport well in advance of their scheduled departure time to allow for check-in procedures.

Ticket Desk Check-in: Upon arrival at the airport, passengers are advised to proceed to the ticket desk of Norse Atlantic Airways to complete the check-in process 

Documentation: Passengers must have all necessary travel documents, including identification and booking details, ready for the check-in process.

Baggage Drop: At the ticket desk, passengers may be required to drop off any checked baggage and have it properly tagged for their flight.

Boarding Pass Issuance: After completing the check-in process, passengers will receive their boarding passes, which they should keep accessible throughout their journey.

Departure Timings: It's essential to adhere to the airline's departure timings, including the check-in closure time, which typically occurs 60 minutes before departure 

Gate Closure: Passengers should be aware of the gate closure time, which usually happens 20 minutes before departure, and ensure they are at the gate well before this time to avoid missing their flight 

Departure: Once all check-in procedures are completed and boarding is announced, passengers can proceed to the boarding gate and prepare for their flight.

Online Check-in: While some sources suggest that Norse Atlantic Airways does not offer online check-in, passengers should verify this information closer to their travel date as policies may change .

Check-in Requirements:

The check-in process for Norse Atlantic Airways requires passengers to have certain documents and information readily available to ensure a smooth boarding experience:

Identification: Passengers must present valid identification, such as a government-issued ID or passport, at the check-in counter to verify their identity and confirm their eligibility to travel .

Booking Reference: It's essential to have the booking reference or confirmation number readily accessible. This reference number helps the airline staff locate the passenger's reservation in the system and process the check-in procedure efficiently.

Travel Documents: Depending on the destination and travel requirements, passengers may need additional travel documents such as visas, entry permits, or health certificates. It's crucial to review the specific entry requirements for the destination and ensure all necessary documents are obtained and ready for presentation at check-in 

By having these documents and information prepared in advance, passengers can expedite the check-in process and minimize any potential delays or complications before boarding their Norse Atlantic Airways flight.


Norse Atlantic Airways offers a unique flying experience with its economy class services. Passengers should be aware that online check-in is not available, necessitating in-person check-in at the airport. Despite this, the booking process is reported to be smooth and transparent, allowing passengers to understand their fare inclusions and optional add-ons. While the lack of online check-in may inconvenience some travelers, reviews suggest that the airport check-in process is efficient, with minimal wait times at security and domestic gates. Overall, while Norse Atlantic Airways may have certain limitations such as no online check-in and limited customer support, it offers a comfortable and straightforward travel experience for passengers flying in economy class.

Frequent Questions Asked
  • Does Norse Atlantic Airways offer online check-in?
    • No, Norse Atlantic Airways does not currently offer online check-in. Passengers must check in at the airport .

  • When does check-in at the airport close?
    • Check-in at the airport closes 60 minutes before departure, as per Norse Atlantic Airways' policy .

  • Where can I collect my boarding pass?
    • All passengers must collect their boarding passes at the check-in desk at the airport 

  • Can I check in my baggage at the airport?
    • Yes, you can check in your baggage at the airport. Make sure to arrive early to complete the check-in process smoothly.

  • What are the important departure timings I should be aware of?
    • Check-in closes 60 minutes before departure, and the gate closes 20 minutes before departure, unless otherwise stated 

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