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Jan 10, 2021, 1:23:01 PM1/10/21
to AGRIP Project
Hello there,

Just a very quick message - I have uploaded a new beta with some significant improvements. You can find out all the info on the release's page at https://github.com/matatk/agrip/releases/tag/2021.0-beta2 - I have put headings in the release notes so you can quickly skip to what's new and known issues.

I didn't quite manage to release a final "2020.0" version, but progress is being made :-).

best regards,


tony seth

Apr 29, 2021, 2:45:31 AM4/29/21
to agrip-...@googlegroups.com
Hello there Matt and Sebbie and all else too.
It's been a long time since I've downloaded the latest beta and played
with it, and I've only now gotten to refamiliarize myself with it,
since I hardly ever use windows anymore, in favour of Linux.
That said, Stormdragon, well known in the blind Linux community has
revamped a project he made a long time ago. It's Audiogame-manager,
which allows a user to play windows games in Wine under linux.
We got the new windows beta of AudioQuake to work as far as it does in
windows, so as far as the game play it works quite well.
What we were curious about, is if you could have the output of the
launcher itself send to sapi as well as that of the game play?
Or would it just be easier to make a Linux version. Speaking of which,
sadly I can't code or I'de jump in.
I've played with it on windows and it does seem to work pretty well.
The only frustration I'm having is with Quartz, which I cannot seem to
get the AQ mod stuff like the esr, nav and such to work with it.
Even the keyboard settings for AGRIP do not work as I'd expect, as the
game loads its own default.cfg, which even if I delete that, doesn't
respect the autoexec.cfg and config.cfg, even though it does copy them
over from the id1 folder.
So I'm curious if there's something I missed when configuring or something.
I have the full version of the game, which I copied the pak files into
the id1 folder and regular AQ works awesomely.
Thanks much, and look forward hopefully to a Linux version.
Take care...


Jun 22, 2021, 11:58:31 AM6/22/21
to AGRIP Project
Hi there,

Thank you for trying it, and for the detailed info on how it's working, and sorry for my slow reply. When I re-wrote the launcher and build system, it was with the intend that it'd work on Linux. I don't use Linux as my main OS anymore, though, and it's really hard to support different distros (and potentially in future CPU architectures). It's something I'd like to be able to support (as it's where we started) but I'm short on both time and up-to-date Linux expertise. Hopefully we can find a way though.

You raised some issues around the speech and sound output and trouble with config files. I'm not sure at the moment what the cause and correct fix would be, but I will try to look into these as soon as I can. Just wanted to send this to acknowledge your message at last!

best regards,

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