New experimental releases for Mac and Windows

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May 19, 2019, 9:28:33 AM5/19/19
to AGRIP Project

I just uploaded a couple of new experimental releases. They contain the new GUI and launcher, and streamlined text-to-speech (not yet using the library that Fransisco recommended that interfaces with screen-readers, as I wanted to get something out there for people to try, but I intend to look into that in future).

I have only tested the Windows one on Windows 10. I upgraded version of the Visual C++ runtime that the engine uses when I installed Visual Studio 2019, but I didn't update the target Windows version - so what I'm saying is I hope that it actually runs in earlier Windows versions such as Windows 7, but I'm not sure if it will.

I re-wrote the text-to-speech to simplify things on Mac and Windows. Hopefully this, coupled with the fact that the Launcher is communicating with the engine differently, will keep things snappy.

These are experimental, but work fine on my machine, so thought it time to share them with you. You can find them at

Hope these work OK for you. Once we've got over any bumps, I really hope to make it easy to run the Level Description Language tools.

best regards,



May 19, 2019, 9:33:25 AM5/19/19
to AGRIP Project
P.S. I probably should explain that, on Windows, you want to run AudioQuake.exe after extracting the ZIP. On the Mac, you'll get an Application that you can run when you extract the ZIP. :-)

tony seth

May 21, 2019, 2:27:00 PM5/21/19
Heya there Matt and all others:
I can confirm that the new build plays nicely, very snappy! The main
weirdness is speech, but I suspect you're aware of that, and since
this is an experimental build I don't want to be a downer. Especially
since I spent about two hourse playing deathmatch with the bots and
speech never dropped out, and as I said, the play is nice and fast.
Again, thanks much and I'm looking forward to this coming to fruition. Yaaaaay!
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