Quake's 25th anniversary and 2021.0 AudioQuake & LDL release

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Jun 22, 2021, 2:42:28 PM6/22/21
to AGRIP Project
Hello there,

I can't believe how the time has flown! Just wanted to recognise Quake's 25th anniversary, which is today, and also announce that AQ & LDL 2021.0 has been released, you cam get it via GitHub. Whilst the game hasn't changed much, everything else around it has, and I hope you'll find the launcher and access to LDL much-improved. There are some things I would like to improve further, from yours and others' feedback, and hope they will come in time. Hopefully not _too_ much time, but time will tell!

Working on this project has taken me, Sebby and I hope some of you on some amazing adventures. It's definitely taught us so much and has been dear to us even during times we haven't been able to actively work on it. Whilst this is all far from the mainstream now, and things have really moved on in game accessibility in the gaming industry, which is fantastic, it's still amazing to us when we think of you and the small community who are still playing the game :-).

I can't say how much continued involvement I will be able to have, but I hope this new release gives you a better foundation for playing and modding the game these days. I'll try to keep you updated as to any further improvements I can make.

I'll close by saying thank you to anyone who ever tried the game, or gave us feedback, made something with the code, ran a server, or joined in in any other way. It's been brilliant to hear what people have done with it and on occasion to actually meet people who've played it.

Best wishes to you all!

You can get 2021.0 from GitHub: https://github.com/matatk/agrip/releases/latest

Matthew & Sebby

tony seth

Jul 6, 2021, 1:17:00 PM7/6/21
to agrip-...@googlegroups.com
Hey hey and good morning, at least it is here... Grin...
I've been testing the latest release, on both windows and mac, and I
must say, it really rocks!
I mentioned having trouble with Quartz in the beta, but that now works
very nicely. I did have to copy my .cfg files from the \id1 directory
in windows, but not in mac, I still want to test the ldl stuff as I'm
way out of practice.
I still have my first successful ldl created map in both goth and base style.
I do have a question about the way that in-game speech is rendered, in
both versions.
Since the in-game messages aren't spoken through the screen reader, is
there a way to affect say the rate of speech that the chosen engine
outputs the speech?
I ask this because I think this may help for getting it to work on wine
under linux, as since I think the first beta, the in-game messages
aren't spoken and not with the new release either.
The launcher can't speak in wine, I know we can't fix that, but knowing
the layout of the launcher for now does allow the game to be started at least.
I think I got some people in the Linux community, or at least in our
little community, interested in AQ, so if you are able to eventually
release a Linux version, you'll have testers o plenty!
All that said, I still can hardly believe how much fun I still have
playing this game, and this new launcher really is awesome!
Thanks for all the time and work you've put into it.
I'll add more when I've tested the ldl a little more, as that was
really fun the last time I played with it.
Till then,take care and thanks again!
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