I wish you a 2023 where you can be your true self

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Yves Hanoulle

Jan 13, 2023, 7:17:15 PM1/13/23
to AgileGames

Just like the last 15 years, I created a youtube video to send you all a happy newyear.
A small way to that I use to create more connection with remote agile friends.

If you want to learn more about the year of my family last year, you can read that on my blog: https://www.hanoulle.be/2023/01/09/we-wish-you-a-2023-where-you-can-be-your-true-self/ 

Just like other years, I hope to turn this into a conversation much more than a communication. I would love to hear from you, how do you want to be your true self this year? And what support do you need from the world to do so? 

This mailing list is not so active anymore since I started this back in 2010, yet I glad that when someone discovers the group and asks a question, there is always someone who answers, usually by asking some questions to first make sure we understand what problem they are trying to solve. 

I'm going to abuse this mail to also make a little publicity for some of the other community things I have been doing:

Who is agile: I started a video edition of the 2010 book
Personal reflections on journeys where people stumbled on agile.
I published 52 interviews the last year. Both with famous agilists and agilists of the future. 52 people from all around the world. 

the agile conferences calendars, maintained by a few hundred people
or https://www.agileconferenc.es

agile testing condensed Dutch edition
With a couple of friends, we translated Lisa & Janets book into Dutch.

Tips from the agile trenches ==> 89 tips from the global community

89 hybrid & remote working tips ==> still collecting tips as we speak.

How to be a thought jockey:

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