Open Letter to Pakistani IT Industry & Ministry of IT Pakistan - Pledge to PayPal to include Pakistan in its service list

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Fouad Bajwa

Apr 7, 2009, 4:20:07 PM4/7/09
to Pakistan ICT Policy group, pakgrid, TGP Group,,,
An Open Letter to P@SHA, Pakistani IT Industry Associations, Ministry
of IT&T, Pakistan Software Export Board PSEB and Pakistan Banking
Association exists today as an important platform for Electronic
Commerce today globally. Knowledge Workers all over the world work
online and recieve payments as well as transfer them to get work done
from other knowledge workers. Unfortunately, PayPal does not include
Pakistan in its list whereas it includes both China and India.

Even though our claims to have a prosperous IT Industry, we forget the
thousands of knowledge workers that may have or not have any
association with the Pakistani IT industry that can earn large sums of
foriegn exchange for Pakistan working online over the Internet.
Thousands of creative class individuals and freelance groups are
turned down business because PayPal does not authorize Pakistan for
its service.

Todate, none of the industry associations, Ministry of IT&T and PSEB
have took notice of this issue that could benefit the country
immensely. Thousands of Pakistani's have discussed and petitioned over
this issue over and over again. A search on google for Pakistani's
concerned to get PayPal service authorized for pakistan returns over
4,090,000 with the search string "PayPal for Pakistan". For example:

We have two UK based international banks in Pakistan and the most
recent one is Barclays and these banks have strict account management
and verification policies that can benefit the country if connected
with PayPal. It is worth considering here that if 100,000 creative
class and knowledge workers recieved over USD1000 per month, that
would be quite an amount on monthly basis to bring back both interest
in Pakistani IT Industry's input into the economy as well as demand
for Pakistani Knowledge Work Force.

This is my pledge on behalf of all those Pakistani Creative Class
members and knowledge workers to P@SHA to form a combined committee
and pledge the Ministry of IT&T particularly the PSEB and the Pakistan
Banking Association to convince PayPal and Barclays to offer this
service in Pakistan.

Barclays will recieve tons of clients in Pakistan as well as revenue
from abroad. Current means are only Western Union or to some extent
wire transfers. Most of the developers have to pay heavy commissions
to middle men Pakistani's that live abroad and provide this service to
us on commission basis.

Just to give you a personal example, a company interviewed me,
approved my experience and skills but couldn't work with me because I
didn't have a PayPal account and this is the same case with thousands
of Pakistanis.

Please Pakistani IT Industry, group up and help us all for a right cause!


Fouad Bajwa
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