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Patrik Jansson

Feb 22, 2015, 4:33:45 PM2/22/15
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For those interested there will be an AFP-related research talk by Magnus Myreen on Wednesday. See details below.


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Subject: [Proglog] Wed Feb 25 13:15 Magnus Myreen, ''CakeML: a formally verified compiler for ML''
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Welcome to the ProgLog seminar on Wednesday, February 25 at 1.15 pm in room 8103.

  Magnus Myreen

will talk about

  CakeML: a formally verified compiler for ML

Abstract: I will present the CakeML project. This project centers around a subset of ML that is carefully chosen to be easy to write programs in and convenient to reason about formally. I will talk about results so far, in particular, our formally verified implementation of CakeML (a compiler and a read-eval-print loop) in 64-bit x86 machine code. The construction and verification of this implementation required both proofs of high-level programs (the parser, type inferencer, and compiler) and low-level programs (the runtime in x86 machine code, its bignum library, and garbage collector). We used a novel technique to produce much of the verified low-level code: we bootstrapped the verified compiler algorithm, within higher-order logic, to produce the verified low-level implementation. I will also explain how divergence preservation was proved using simple clocks. This work was carried out using the HOL4 theorem prover.

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