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Patrik Jansson

Mar 27, 2015, 1:09:11 PM3/27/15
to, CSE sr
I have today finished the grading of the AFP exams and the TA's have reported all the lab grades (with one or two exceptions). It will take a few working days until they are registered in LADOK but I have uploaded the list of exam results on gihub (using only the anonymous codes [1]).

This was a record-breaking year: 68 students participated in the labs and 57 handed in the exam making it the largest student group over the six years I have been involved in the course - I hope you all feel you have learned new interesting things!

Some (inofficial) statistics:
* 68 did the lab  (50 passed, 18 failed)
* 57 did the exam (27 passed, 30 failed)

I will be on Easter break and the "exam check" (granskning) will take place 
  Mon 2015-04-13 and Tue 2015-04-14
Both at 12.45-13.10 in my office (EDIT 5468) or in the nearby corner room if we need more space.

Thanks for all the interesting questions!
  Patrik Jansson

AFP history:

AFP15 student numbers:
  68 did the lab  (50 passed, 18 failed)
  57 did the exam (27 passed, 30 failed)

AFP14 student numbers:
  37 did the lab  (24 passed, 13 failed)
  19 did the exam (17 passed,  2 failed)

AFP13 student numbers:
  43 did the lab  (32 passed, 11 failed)
  34 did the exam (21 passed, 13 failed)

AFP12 student numbers:
  33 did the lab  (27 passed,  4 failed)
  28 did the exam (14 passed, 14 failed)

AFP11 student numbers:
  >29 did the lab (26 passed, ? failed)
  32 did the exam (24 passed, 8 failed)

AFP10 student numbers:
  47 did the lab  (36 passed, 11 failed)
  27 did the exam (19 passed,  8 failed)

Jack Pettersson

Apr 1, 2015, 9:03:53 AM4/1/15
I will be away during the exam check, but am still interested in doing it. Is it possible to arrange another opportunity either Thursday/Friday the same week, or some day the week after?


Patrik Jansson

Apr 15, 2015, 5:19:45 PM4/15/15
Yes it is possible.

I suggest you go to the CSE student office and look through your exam at any time that they are open. Then if you have question, pass by my room or drop me an email to find a good time to meet.

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