afl++ 3.11c release

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Mar 15, 2021, 6:27:56 PM3/15/21
Hi folks,

With the huge changes in v3.00 and again a few larger changes in v3.10 a
few bugs crept into the code. This release now tries to squash them all :-)

### Version ++3.11c (release)
- afl-fuzz:
- better auto detection of map size
- fix sanitizer settings (bug since 3.10c)
- fix an off-by-one overwrite in cmplog
- add non-unicode variants from unicode-looking dictionary entries
- Rust custom mutator API improvements
- Imported crash stats painted yellow on resume
(only new ones are red)
- afl-cc:
- added AFL_NOOPT that will just pass everything to the normal
gcc/clang compiler without any changes - to pass weird configure
- fixed a crash that can occur with ASAN + CMPLOG together plus
better support for unicode (thanks to @stbergmann for reporting!)
- fixed a crash in LAF transform for empty strings
- handle erroneous setups in which multiple afl-compiler-rt are
compiled into the target. This now also supports dlopen()
instrumented libs loaded before the forkserver and even after the
forkserver is started (then with collisions though)
- the compiler rt was added also in object building (-c) which
should have been fixed years ago but somewhere got lost :(
- Renamed CTX to CALLER, added correct/real CTX implementation to
- qemu_mode:
- added AFL_QEMU_EXCLUDE_RANGES env by @realmadsci, thanks!
- if no new/updated checkout is wanted, build with:
- we no longer perform a "git drop"
- afl-cmin: support filenames with spaces

Marc Heuse

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